Fighting for the Faith With Chris Rosebrough – TD Jakes Slams Preachers of LA

[Segment One – 00:03:28 – 00:04:17]

Chris Rosebrough, “And then with that template in mind we will switch gears after the break and we will listen to a TD Jakes doing the same thing while he is trying to distance himself. No joke TD Jakes is trying to distance himself from that new oxygen reality based television show. Like preachers of LA or something like that and oh what a mess that is. So yeah just but the idea here is that the Patricia King gang template then is this exact same template that TD Jakes engages in – same misuse of scripture, same false teaching. Just TD Jakes has better chops than than the Patricia King gang for sure.

[Segment Two – 00:47:21 – 01:02:57]

Chris Rosebrough, “Alright we are back. Warning listening to Fighting for the Faith could cause you to become supremely dissatisfied with your church especially if your pastor is telling you that you need to step out in faith and sow a seed offering. Make it hurt you know. Moving along….

Time for a money grubbing televangelist update TD Jakes….

Dr. Teeth – Money Song

Don’t want no loving
Don’t want no kissing
Don’t want no gal to call me honey

Don’t want my name in the hall of fame
Just want a big fat pile of money

Give me that all mighty dollar for that lettuce every hollar
Give me bucket full of duckets
Let me walk around and waller
In Mazuma el donaro, wanna be a millionairo
Give me money money money money money money

I want that green amunition that’s the stuff for which I’m wishing
Fill my closets with deposits
I am a demon at addition
Give me shackels, give me pesos, let me see their smiling faceos
Money money money money money money

I wanna get me a suit
That’s made out of loot
and whistle to wear it in green

I have got that monetary eye that is being like King Midas
want that golden touch is what I need

Give me that old double eagle
Want that tender that is legal
and financially substantially any sum I can envegel
I want to live in regal splendour
With that loving legal tender
Money money money money money money

I am a greenback collector
I am a paper bill inspector
I am a savage for that cabage
Man to me it’s golden necter

Pour that filthy looter on me
Spread those lovin’ germs upon me
Money money money money money money

And if they ever plant trees of E Plurbus Unum
I wanna be the guy sent out to prune ‘em
Oh give me money!

Yeah there we go – Dr. Teeth and money money money. Now what you are going to hear in just a second is TD Jakes complaining. TD Jakes complaining and taking shots at that new reality TV show ‘The Preachers of LA,’ and if you haven’t seen the well the preview for The Preachers of LA…oh man it is just an absolute abomination. I mean these are guys, you have got guys who literally drive around in Bentley’s, Ferrari’s, and you know live in these ginormous homes. They have memberships at expensive country clubs and you know it is all about the money.

In fact one of them is the guy is shacking up. One of the preachers of LA is literally shacking up with his girlfriend and she has to say to him that you know ‘We are not going to have anymore kids until you marry me…’ kind of thing. I mean it is absolutely ridiculous. In fact what I probably should do is play for you a little bit of the audio from the premiere on YouTube of The Preachers of LA so you know what TD Jakes is griping about. But here listen in….”

[Plays video from YouTube]

Bishop Ron Gibson, “My name is Bishop Ron Gibson….”

Bishop Clarence McClendon, “I am Bishop Clarence McClendon….”

Deitrick Haddon, “My name is Deitrick Haddon….”

Wayne Chaney, “I am Wayne Chaney….”

Chris Rosebrough, “These are the guys and you can’t see it. They showing these guys with these Bentley’s, these huge houses…..”

Bishop Jay Haizlip, “My name is Jay Haizlip….”

Bishop Noel Jones, “My name is Noel Jones….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Oh man I wish I could see this. I mean seriously it is like watching a premiere for lifestyles of the rich and famous….”

[plays audio – music plays]

Chris Rosebrough, “Talk about bling and cars that is a Roll’s Royce….”

Bishop Clarence McClendon, “The Bible says that I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. I believe that….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah I am sure you do. How much do you think that suit cost? Yeah what about fifteen grand?”

[plays audio]

Bishop Ron Gibson, “P diddy Jay-Z, they are not the only ones who should be driving Ferrari’s and living in large houses…..”

Jay Haizlip, “The Bible says that those among us should reap from us. That is implying that the preacher is to be taken care of….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah taken care of like you know making that his wallet is well padded you know to the point of gazillions of dollars….”

Bishop Noel Jones, “I like being successful….”

Bishop Clarence McClendon, “Security is a necessary part of what we do…”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah I…security that is like security entourage. I don’t even think the president has that much security….”

[plays audio]

Pastor Wayne Chaney, “Being a pastor is very dangerous, because you have to be perfect at all times….”

Bishop Noel Jones, “People put you up on a pedestal that you can’t live on. Pastors are people just like everybody else…..”

Dietrich Haddon, “It is all about truth for me from this point on. The truth about my baby out of wedlock. The truth about my divorce it happened. There is nothing I can do about that. I am a pastor, but at the end of the day I am a man.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Uh huh I am a pastor, but at the end of the day I am a man. Sounds like you are not qualified biblically to be a pastor….”

Bishop Noel Jones, “Does it ever get to a place where it really is not about love. But it is about winning….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Now you have got some sort of marital spat going on here…..”

[plays audio]

Woman, “Winning what? Winning a man or a relationship?

Bishop Noel Jones, “No winning me….”

Woman, “You are not a prize….”

Bishop Noel Jones, “I am a prize…..”

Woman, “Let’s get that straight….”

Bishop Noel Jones, “Maybe I don’t love you as much as you love me….”

Woman, “Maybe you don’t and maybe I don’t love you as much as you think I love you….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Oh man. How is it that anybody thinks this is Christianity?”

Pastor Wayne Chaney, “I am trying my best to balance it all and just when you think you have managed….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Now this guy is having you know a conversation with his wife….”

Pastor Wayne Chaney, “I just can’t do this man….”

Woman, “If we plan on….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Now listen to this. This gal is having a conversation with one of the pastors on The Preachers of LA. Listen to what she says so that they are in their really expensive you know really, really nice house and listen to what she says….”

Woman, “If we plan on having more children. I want to be married. We have more than a relationship like I am a part of your congregation. I am not, well don’t pastor me.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah if you want to have anymore children with me, then you better get married to me. What has happened to the church? Now so here is my theory, alright so that you know what it is that you are about to hear. Here is my theory. I think that TD Jakes watched the premiere of The Preachers of LA and decided that this is getting way too close to home. I mean what these guys are doing is basically if you were a magician. Okay, let me put it this way.

If you are a magician The Preachers of LA is like to magicians showing somebody how the magic trick is done. You know so these preachers, these televangelists and those who buy into the Word of Faith heresy – the one thing that these preachers have been really good about is not letting people see where the money is going.

You know to the Ferrari, the Bentley, the Rolls Royce, the you know and the super mansions. So here is the deal TD Jakes probably watched this and went ‘What you can’t show them where the money is going…’ and so now he knows he is in trouble. Because he has got to find a way to you know set himself apart, while all the while TD Jakes is one of the best fleecers out there.

So what you are going to hear and the audio is not that great on this. I apologize. I tried cleaning it up but somebody recorded it off their television. So it is going to sound a little bit tinny. But this is you are going to hear TD Jakes literally doing the same thing that we heard Clarice do. Okay all the while trying to separate himself and distinguish himself from the preachers of LA. Because you know this isn’t about TD Jakes getting money. No, no, no he wants people to step out in faith and experience miracles and stuff. This isn’t about him. Uh huh yeah wait until you hear this. Hang on here we go…. ”

TD Jakes, “Your best seed, even if it is not what you planned to give. Even if it is not what you expected to give. I want you to get your best seed in your hand. You watching over the internet? I challenge you right now to do what you couldn’t do before. The word of the Lord has been preached in this place today. This is an opportunity for you to respond to the word. The word doesn’t work if you don’t respond to it…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “The word doesn’t work if you don’t respond to it. So he wants to give you an opportunity to respond to the word that was preached by sending in money…..”

TD Jakes, “You have got to respond to the word. You have got to take action. You can’t just lay there in the same old bed you were in and suck up this word and be who you were before. Your actions prove that you heard the word of God….”

Chris Rosebrough, “So your actions prove that you have heard the word of God. That means send in money. Uh huh….”

TD Jakes, “I want you to respond and the reason that you are logged on to this broadcast. Somebody is late for their own service. You could not walk away from this message because the Holy Spirit is speaking directly challenging your limitations. I rebuke it now in the name of Jesus. Some of you are moving in your life now. But your business is bound. Your company is bound. Your career is bound….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Your career, your business, your money. It is all bound. But the way you unbind it is by sending money to TD Jakes.”

TD Jakes, “Your products are not moving. Your stuff is not selling. I rebuke that paralytic condition of your finances in the name of Jesus. Your paralysis will be broken today in the name of Jesus. I challenge you to stretch where you couldn’t stretch before….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah that is right stretch where you couldn’t stretch before. Make a large cheque. Lots of lots of zeros. You know that is going to show God that you mean business right and send it to TD Jakes. Uh huh here at the Potters House – Dallas, Texas….”

TD Jakes, “I challenge you to stretch where you couldn’t stretch before and do what you couldn’t do before. I challenge you right now to get your best seed and….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah give your best seed….”

TD Jakes, “I challenge you to stretch where you couldn’t stretch before and do what you couldn’t do before. I challenge you right now to get your best seed and respond to this word like you mean it and respond to this word like you believe it and God will open up the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing you will not have room enough to receive. Now….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah so God is going to bless you once you send the cheque to TD Jakes. Yeah just hang on it gets better…..”

TD Jakes, “Now you have been watching that junk on TV and I want to tell you right now. Not one dime of what you are sowing right now will buy my suit. I want you to know my car is paid for. I want you to know I got my house on my own….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Alright so, okay so yeah you wear some pretty snappy clothes there TD. So my question, okay so where is the money going to go then? Because he is going to go on and make the case that you know that the mortgage is paid for there at The Potters House. Uh hmm and you know he has got all this money and he is one of the wealthiest people out there right.

Oh but not a single dime is going to go to him. Really can we have an accounting firm confirm that for us please? You know so not one penny is going to go for buying his suit and all this kind of stuff and so where it is it going to go? Oh I forgot this is all about you showing God you know and stretching in faith so that God can open up the floodgates of heaven. I mean TD Jakes is not going to benefit from a dime of what you are sending in. Oh no not at all. But this is all for you so that you can experience God’s blessing which of course comes with a huge price tag….”

TD Jakes, “I want you to know I am not bling bling and I am not changing banks. I had money when I came to Dallas and I plan to have some when I leave. You did not buy what I have got. I had it when I came here. You know I had it when I came here. The devil is a liar. I have sold enough books and produced enough movies. I don’t need your offering to pay for this little slimy suit. So I rebuke that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. We are going to build the kingdom of God like we have always built the kingdom of God. I am not from LA. I am from Dallas….”

Chris Rosebrough, “Uh hmm….yeah I am not from LA. I am from Dallas. Well yeah it doesn’t matter what city you are in. The word of faith heresy is still a heresy and no God does not demand that people send money to a televangelist TD Jakes or any other in order to earn a blessing or to prove to Him that they are stepping out in faith.

So the template is the same as what we heard from Clarice. It is a false teaching. It is a twisting of God’s word and a fleecing of Christ’s sheep and here TD Jakes oh I guess those preachers in LA should never have let everybody know where the money is going and how they are living because now it is going to hurt business for TD Jakes.

Right so he has got to find a way to distinguish himself from that particular crowd. While all the while he is preaching the same word of faith heresy that they are preaching. Send in your money and God is going to bless it. Stretch out in faith to prove to God that you believe Him and make it hurt. Make the cheque big. See how does Jesus say it? (Matthew 7 v 18) A bad tree can’t bear good fruit now can it?”

Alright we are up on our second break. If you would like to email me regarding anything you have heard on this edition or any previous editions of Fighting for the Faith you can do so. My email address is or you can subscribe on Facebook – or follow me on Twitter. My name there is @piratechristian.


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