Fighting For The Faith With Chris Rosebrough – Steven Furtick Falls Short…..Again!

Below is a transcript taken from Chris Rosebrough’s radio show podcast Fighting For The Faith Radio podcast which was originally broadcast on Friday February 22nd 2013, which you can subscribe to iTunes. I highly recommend you do this if you want to develop discernment. You can also listen to Steven Furtick’s sermon mp3 – Sun Stand Still – Why Bother (Part 3)  by subscribing to his church podcast: Elevation Church:: Charlotte, NC.

[First Segment – 00:03:04 – 00:03:29]

Chris Rosebrough, “We will switch gears and head down to Elevation church in Charlotte, North Carolina to take a look at a new blog post, posted by Steven Furtick where once again Steven Furtick kind of misses like the whole point of scripture and we will take a look at his latest missing the point.”

[Second Segment – 00:13:07 – 00:31:02]

Chris Rosebrough, “Time for a Steven Furtick update…..

Here is the video >

[Plays intro music for Steven Furtick]

You walked up to the pulpit,

Like you were a man of God

Your hair strategically cut to the new style
That Bieber was making hot
You had one eye on the camera as you watched the crowd applaud

All of the pastors dreamed that you’d be their mentor, You’d be their mentor and…

You’re so vain, you probably think the Bible’s about you

You’re so vain, I bet you think the Bible’s about you
Don’t you, Don’t you?

You fooled me several years ago,

When I was just a baby sheep
Well you told me we were made to serve
And my tithe was all you’d need
But you twisted up the Bible so no one else had said a peep
I was afraid, then I heard the real  gospel, heard the real gospel, and…

You’re so vain, you probably think the Bible’s about you

You’re so vain, I bet you think the Bible’s about you
Don’t you, Don’t you?

So have you ever thought that selective hearing is an important aspect of your Christian walk? Well Steven Furtick apparently does and the weird thing is that he is kind of right and he misses the whole point. It is just kind of hard to explain and the reality is you are going to have to listen to the whole segment to get exactly what he is getting at here. But let me kill the music before I start singing again.

That was close. Okay so without any further or due from The Steven Furtick Blog. The name of the blog post by the way is Keeping Out The Doubt and so this is a little segment from one of his sermons on The Sun Stand Still series and you are going to find yourself agreeing to a point with what he is saying, but trust me when I tell you there is a punch line here and you have to actually get the whole thing and since I have listened to it, I know what the punch line is and where he is going. Listen carefully. Here is Steven Furtick…..”

Steven Furtick, “If you want to go upstairs in my house, which I am just going to be real honest with you ain’t really likely to happen. I don’t like to take people upstairs because that is where you can let things get a little messy. If you want to entertain people you get a couple of rooms for that and then you do what you need to do in the rest of the rooms and keep the door closed.

In the upstairs portion of my house there is actually signs on most of the doors that have been constructed by my five year old son Elijah and the signs say things like this, “No penguins allowed with a big x and a picture of a penguin.” Now they don’t actually say no penguins allowed because he can’t actually write the letters yet, but if you were to ask him to interpret the tongues that are written on the signs.

He will tell you that they say, “No penguins allowed.” And all over the doors of our house, are signs telling the penguins to keep out and there is actually a funny little story I like to tell about one day Elijah asked me to help and make a sign and I was helping him draw a sign and we drew a picture and then put a x through it and then I wrote something on the sign. I said, “Keep out. This means you.” And I put it on the door and I said who does that sign refer to? And he said it refers to you. My son actually helped, actually requested my help to construct the sign to keep me out of the room in my house I paid for.

Now as I was thinking about your faith and your life and the things God has called you to do and your vision…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “Okay that is the important part. It happens so quickly that if you weren’t paying attention you would have missed it. Let me back the audio up just a smidge. Listen to what he is saying. Because this is the difference between agreeing with him or thinking that he has totally missed the point. Here let me back this up. Here we go…..”

Steven Furtick, “Now as I was thinking about your faith and your life and the things God has called you to do and your vision…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “Your faith, your life and the things that God has called you to and your vision. We are talking about direct revelation here. We are not talking about what God’s Word says, but direct revelation.”

Steven Furtick, “You know there ought to be rooms in your spirit and rooms in your heart with a sign posted to let the devil know, to let the doubts know, let the fears know, let the haters know, keep out this means you.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Okay this is the weird part I agree with him if what we are talking about only is the written Word of God. Okay for instance the devil comes along and says to you something like, “Do you really believe that Jesus was born of a virgin?  Really come on right. Did God really say?” That is kind of how he does it right, “Did God really say that Jesus was born of a virgin?” Yeah see that is where the door, the sign and the door really comes in handy. Oh yeah Satan I am sorry you and your little doubts and your deconstructions of what God’s Word says, you are not welcome here keep out. God’s Word says it is written that Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, plain and simple. Get out of here.

Okay or the devil comes along and says something to the effect of, “Yeah you and I let’s have a little conversation and you and I both know that boy you are a wretched miserable excuse for a Christian. Right come on level with me here. You really think that you are somehow moral or you know that you are making any improvement in your sanctification because here is my tally sheet of the things that you have screwed up on, just in the past twenty four hours and woah look at some of these. Yeah you realise you have no hope on The Day of Judgement don’t you? Because I mean seriously I am going to be there prosecuting you and I have got this on you and this on you and yeah according to my tally sheet here, you are quite the sinner.

So do you really think you are a Christian? Do you really think? Yeah in a situation like that Luther’s advice from his commentary in Galatians comes in very handy. You say to the devil something to the effect of this, ‘Yeah that is funny you would say that because Jesus Himself said that he didn’t come for the well. That He came for the sick. He didn’t come to the righteous.

But He came to save sinners and thank you Satan for pointing out to me that I am a sinner because that lets me know that Jesus came to save me and I trust that what He has done on the cross – dying and rising again is for my salvation. So get lost Satan. It says that Jesus came to save sinners and you have done a fine job of reminding me that I am that. Because that is truly what I am, but because those that is what I need to be in order to be saved by Jesus. You are just assuring me of my salvation.’

You see you could do things like that. So it is not that you necessarily have selective hearing. It is that when those doubts come along. The sign on the door says, “Get out keep away,” and it has the appropriate written biblical passage to tell Satan to head out. Now if that is where Steven Furtick was going this, but he is not I would have been in full agreement with him. But he didn’t we continue……”

Steven Furtick, “You know there ought to be rooms in your spirit and rooms in your heart with a sign posted to let the devil know, to let the doubts know, let the fears know, let the haters know, keep out this means you. No doubt allowed in this room. No fear allowed in this room.”

Chris Rosebrough, “No doubt regarding your personal vision that you are supposed to have from God.”

Steven Furtick, “No negativity allowed in this room.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah no negativity towards the specific vision that you claim that you think that you got from God.”

Steven Furtick, “Put them out. Selective hearing…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah so he is basically telling the people at Elevation that they are to have selective hearing. So here is how the conversation would go, “I have had a vision from God and I believe that God is calling me to solve the global problem of poverty, that he is going to use me as a conduit to actually wipe out poverty on planet earth and your parents or your friends look at you and go, “You do know that Jesus said that we will always have poverty with us right?”

Oh no don’t you be it, see you are being a hater. This proves see in fact, the fact that you are disagreeing with me and trying to talk me out of it. This proves that my vision is from God.” You are just being a hater. I am going to write up a little sign here. Keep out, stay out and right there see that means you. You are a hater and you are a negative person and I am not going to hear it. Lalala Stick your fingers in your ear go lalalala right that is how they, that is what Steven Furtick is telling his people to do. Because you know why that is what Steven Furtick does.

Steven Furtick teaches false doctrine. He narcigetes every single biblical passage he comes in contact with and he knows he has got some pretty sharp critics out there, who are pointing out the way he is mishandling God’s Word. So what is his solution I am going to teach the people here at Elevation church to have selecting hearing and not even listen to any of those haters because I know that God has called me to inspire these people through this narcissistic interpretation of Scripture, lalalala get out, get out Satan you are a hater.”

Steven Furtick, “Put them out. Selective hearing means that sometimes to hear what Jesus is saying……”

Chris Rosebrough, “Not in His written Word, remember this is about your vision….”

Steven Furtick, “Put them out. Selective hearing means that sometimes to hear what Jesus is saying you have got to tune out what others have said. Selective hearing is the ultimate ally in the fight of faith.”

Chris Rosebrough, “And I again I agree but he has missed the whole point. Selective hearing means hearing the voice of God in the written Word of God, not some unique vision that you think God has laid on your heart.”

Steven Furtick, “You have got to learn to listen to the voice of Jesus……”

Chris Rosebrough, “Right and that is found only in the written Word of God…..”

Steven Furtick, “You have got to learn to listen to the voice of Jesus who says you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Now see we are quoting Philippians out of context. By the way you have heard that used all the time. “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” I mean what the Baltimore Ravens were quoting that and, “No weapon formed against us shall prosper.” As if you know Satan is going to form a weapon against the Baltimore Ravens right. Totally out of context, listen to this Philippians 4, starting in v10.

Philippians 4 v 10-19 (ESV – English Standard Version)

10 I rejoiced in the Lord greatly that now at length you have revived your concern for me. You were indeed concerned for me, but you had no opportunity. 11 Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. 12 I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. 13 I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

14 Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble. 15 And you Philippians yourselves know that in the beginning of the gospel, when I left Macedonia, no church entered into partnership with me in giving and receiving, except you only. 16 Even in Thessalonica you sent me help for my needs once and again. 17 Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit. 18 I have received full payment, and more. I am well supplied, having received from Epaphroditus the gifts you sent, a fragrant offering, a sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God. 19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

So coming back to the verse then,

Philippians 4 v 13 (ESV – English Standard Version)

13I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

That is not God is going to give you strength so that you can shut the haters out of your life. So that you can achieve some grand vision for your life that God has apparently laid on your heart, no this is Christ giving you strength in difficult circumstances like persecution or hunger, need things like that, that is what is being referred to here. So yeah the fact that Steven Furtick here is misquoting the Word of God and while at the same time telling you to listen only to the voice of Christ, well that is just bizarre.

Steven Furtick, “You have got to learn to listen to the voice of God……”

Chris Rosebrough, “I agree and I am only going to find it in God’s Word…..”

Steven Furtick, “Who says that you are competent as a minister of the new covenant.”

Chris Rosebrough, “Really what verse says that?”

Steven Furtick, “That you are fearfully and wonderfully made…..”

Chris Rosebrough, “Yeah I am and I am a sinner too, who has been washed and blood brought as a result of Christ’s death on the cross. You get what I am saying here?”

Steven Furtick, “And audacious faith……”

Chris Rosebrough, “Where in The Bible does it talk about having audacious faith? It doesn’t……”

Steven Furtick, “And audacious faith will live in your heart and big dreams will come to pass in your life……”

Chris Rosebrough, “And big dreams will come to pass in my life. So he is not teaching you to listen for the voice of God in God’s Word. He is teaching you to listen to the voice of God that you are supposedly getting inside your heart. Quick before we go to the break. From the Reformed Baptist Fellowship, you can find this at They have a Spurgeon quote up and the name of their post is God does not give a fresh revelation. I find this to be rather cogent and well said and well spoken by Spurgeon. Here is what it says Spurgeon…….

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, “Now there are some persons who make a great mistake about the influence of the Holy Spirit. A foolish man, who had fancy to preach in a certain pulpit, though in truth he was quite incapable of the duty, called upon the minister, and assured him solemnly that it had been revealed to him by the Holy Ghost, that he was to preach in his pulpit.

“Very well,” said the minister, “I suppose I must not doubt your assertion, but as it has not been revealed to me that I am to let you preach, you must go on your way until it is.”

I have heard many fanatical persons say the Holy Spirit revealed this and that to them. Now that is very generally revealed nonsense. The Holy Ghost does not reveal anything fresh now. He brings old things to our remembrance. “He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance whatsoever I have told you.” The canon of revelation is closed; there is no more to be added. God does not give a fresh revelation, but he rivets the old one. When it has been forgotten, and laid in the dusty chamber of our memory, he fetches it out and cleans the picture, but does not paint a new one.

There are no new doctrines, but the old ones are often revived. It is not, I say, by any new revelation that the Spirit comforts. He does so by telling us old things over again; he brings a fresh lamp to manifest the treasures hidden in Scripture; he unlocks the strong chests in which the truth had long lain, and he points to secret chambers filled with untold riches; but he comes no more, for enough is done.

Believer! there is enough in the Bible for thee to live upon for ever. If thou shouldst outnumber the years of Methusaleh, there would be no need for a fresh revelation; if thou shouldst live till Christ should come upon the earth, there would be no necessity for the addition of a single word; if thou shouldst go down as deep as Jonah, or even descend as David said he did, into the belly of hell, still there would be enough in the Bible to comfort thee without a supplementary sentence.

But Christ says, “He shall take of mine and shall show it unto you.”

Good point in other words all these people who are giving us these fresh revelations and telling you to only listen to the voice in your head. They are fanatical. They are fanatics. They are telling you to have audacious faith of the grand vision. They are leading you astray. They are not pointing you to the treasure of scripture. They are pointing you to the delusions of your own mind and that has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.

We are up on our first break. If you would like to email me regarding anything you have heard on this edition or any previous editions of Fighting For The Faith, you can do so my email address is or you can subscribe on Facebook – or you can follow me on Twitter my name there @piratechristian.”


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