Wretched Radio – Todd Friel discusses Craig Groeschel’s invitation to speak at Mark Driscoll’s R12 Conference

The following is a transcript of a Wretched Radio Show podcast that was originally broadcast on Monday November 12th 2012. It was taken from the mp3 WR2012-1112-Hr2. If you want to listen to the mp3 go to http://www.wretchedradio.com and then you can subscribe to the Wretched Radio podcast. Please note payment will be required for this subscription.

Todd Friel, “Shea just sent an email. Sorry for the offence. Todd I just heard you read a tweet during your last segment stating and I paraphrase that “pastor’s who can’t preach the Word without a trendy gimmick should just go drive a truck.” Well I have never how offensive. My pastor preaches the Word straight up and is a truck driver. Seriously I think I may just have to put out a decree and perhaps a declaration. Uh oh we are in trouble now, that all truck driving pastors should boycott Wretched Radio in good Christian love of course. Prepare for a massive ratings drop. Well dude it is not hard to drop from where we presently are.

Hey I am very relieved though I do have to tell you this despite that prep with Christian love from Shea, apparently I have got I little more free time today than I anticipated. I was going to spend a good portion of my day going to look for those websites, those conferences the books where you are told as a pastor to grow grow grow, get big get big.

So that we could understand the type of pressure that a pastor is under and how so much of evangelicalism has fallen sway to this idea that no matter what you have got to be big. But I don’t have to go and do that anymore. I don’t have to go scour the internet to look for a demonstration of how much pressure or in this case threats and intimidation and frankly meanness a pastor receives if he doesn’t try to grow his church, because I just found this clip promoting a conference.

Pastor Mark Driscoll, “Here is the deal with Pastor Craig, he is awesome. I think he has got the biggest church in The United States of America. Some say, “Oh it is not about being the biggest.” Here is what I would tell you let’s say you are a second grade wreck league basket ball player and Lebron James is willing to coach you, take it. Don’t talk about how it is bad to be tall and how dunking is cheating and how you know you could do it better or the way you do it is more authentic or you have a verse from Leviticus – so the way you shoot the three pointer is more holy than him. Listen be humble. Learn something.”

Todd Friel, “Now that is a great example and by the way an analogy never proves a point, it only illuminates a point. That analogy falls apart all over itself, a basket ball player who scores a lot of points is not the same as a pastor. Now I know that will come as a shock because I am suspecting that somebody has rewritten The Bible to say the LORD is my basket ball coach so that I can shoot three pointers or something like that. But a shepherd is not told to grow a church or to have records. He is told to be faithful.”

Pastor Mark Driscoll, “One mouth two ears do the maths. Shut up, take a few notes, see what you can learn.”

Todd Friel, “Wow that motivates and inspires me. Now imagine a pastor hearing this.”

Mark Driscoll, “I know it is a strong exhortation or rebuke and it is primarily for those of you educated beyond your intelligence, who spend a lot of time reading footnotes and dead guys. Criticizing men who are doing things, well the only thing you are doing is criticizing.”

Todd Friel, “Irony isn’t lost on me. That is just mean is what that is and there is a lot of pastors who do read dead guys. Because I actually think the dead guys had something going on. They actually thought, “You know the Holy Spirit indwelt them. They read, they studied probably more than we do. Especially if you are a pastor who happens to rely incessantly on I don’t know say docent. Somebody who really relies on a sermon provider, so that you don’t have to a whole lot of studying, it is unfortunate they don’t cut your front lawn quote. So they did a lot of studying.

They had this Holy Spirit in them. Why wouldn’t you want to learn from some of those guys? I am reminded again we are so quick to throw out the dead guys are we not? No thought, no consideration, no hey I wonder why they used to do that? Why did they put the organ in the back? Why did the choir wear robes? Why was the pulpit so big and made out of plexiglass? Hey let’s debate those issues. I am not saying they definitely had it right. But to treat them so glibly and to treat those who were trying to be faithful shepherds so meanly.

Pastor Mark Driscoll, “Here is Pastor Craig, huge church. He does not submit his attendance numbers for the annual list of the largest churches in America. Probably because he is just humble. But I think he has got the biggest church in The United States of America. He is one of the leaders in pioneering multi-site. I know some of you disagree with it. That is okay. Show up and learn how to grow your thing. Rather than criticize his thing….”

Todd Friel, “Big big big it has got to be big. No discernment who cares. Let’s bring in, why not bring in Lebron James to the conference. Let’s teach him. Oh wait a second we don’t go to the world, the world should be coming to us. That is just a sample of the type of pressure that your pastor feels almost daily, almost daily. Please may I encourage you, don’t join that group of people who is shellacking your pastor. Please just don’t. He is hearing stuff like this constantly and this particular diatribe meant to mock and belittle.

That wasn’t a stern rebuke. That is just nastiness is all that was. What a loser you are if you are not like Pastor Craig. That is what that says. You are not, he is model. See what he is doing. See what Pastor Lebron is doing? Do what he says to do. Hold on I think it is fair that we can stop and say is what anybody is doing biblical? Furthermore is it possible that a context might drive some of those decisions. What is this dude to the small town Pastor?

You know there is places in North and South Dakota where one Pastor will take care of three or four churches in a town. Seriously and every Sunday first service eight o’ clock, high tail it to the next town. Get to the next church and then do the Sunday night in another town. Why? Because they can’t sustain one Pastor. Now how is that Pastor supposed to feel? Huh “shut up and listen and learn.” He can’t even grow the church. I mean there is no growth potential there. It is South Dakota. Have you been to South Dakota? I am telling you it is so flat in South Dakota.

Tony Verkinnes, “How flat is it?”

Todd Friel, “It is I tell you what you can stand in South Dakota looking to the east and see the back of your head. It is so flat in South Dakota.”

Tony Verkinnes, “It is flat…..”

Todd Friel, “It is so flat in South Dakota.”

Tony Verkinnes, “How flat is it?”

Todd Friel, “They don’t have you wear a seat buckle in South Dakota because you can fall asleep, you can drive off the road seventy, eighty acres through a corn patch. You make your way right back up no problems. It is so flat in South Dakota and there is just no opportunity for growth there. So what is that Pastor supposed to feel like after that drubbing? Honestly that was so pastoral, just eew encouraged me. Encourages me to pieces.”



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