Wretched Radio With Todd Friel – TD Jakes Denies Original Sin

The following is a transcript segment taken from a Wretched Radio Show podcast that was originally broadcast on Monday April 2nd 2012. If you want to listen to the full mp3 it is called WR2012-0402-Hr1 and you can download it from http://www.wretchedradio.com. You just need to subscribe to the Wretched Radio podcasts at http://www.wretchedradio.com. If you would like the mp3, just give me your email address and I can send you the mp3.

Todd Friel, “April fools or not? TD Jakes wears a special $3,000 dollar suit for Easter Sunday. Spoof or not a spoof?”

Tony Verkinnes, “I am betting that is true.”

Todd Friel, “You got that right. I am just guessing. I went low by the way.”

Tony Verkinnes, “I was going to say.”

TD Jakes, “You know what speaking of TD Jakes.”

Tony Verkinnes, “His shoe was probably $3,000.”

Todd Friel, “He has got, well he used to have those crocodiles in his mouth….”

Tony Verkinnes, “That is right.”

Todd Friel, “In his mouth….now he has got them on his feet because he spoke them right into existence. Apparently he has a new book out on forgiveness which I think is a good thing promoting forgiveness amongst the flock that we are quick to forgive one another. Even when it is a lame apology, we can accept that forgiveness because we have been forgiven much. Well inside of the book and Mr. Rosebrough (Mr. Pirate Christian) took a little bit of an issue with it because he said that children are born forgiving. They have to be taught unforgiveness. I have never ever met a parent who has had to teach a child how to sin. They are born with it. They are very good. Let me see if I can find it.”

Tony Verkinnes, “This was in a book?”

Todd Friel, “Yeah.”

Tony Verkinnes, “That kids are born….”

Todd Friel, “Forgiving? They see it modeled. They see unforgiveness modeled. And so they…”

Tony Verkinnes, “Learn it.”

Todd Friel, “And so that is how they learn it.”

Tony Verkinnes, “Really?”

Todd Friel, “Well you just have to trust me….”

Tony Verkinnes, “My kids are geniuses.”

Todd Friel, “Okay I read a good story this weekend by joshbyer.com. Anger from idolatry. Caption caught my attention. Okay anger from idolatry. Am I angry because I have an idol? Well the answer to the question is yeah that is almost always the case or you are not trusting God, and so when things don’t go right you kind of get torched. But this is what Josh Byers wrote about. He said but he loves his kids so much that he finds himself getting angry when they blow it. Very transparent of him to say that, and then he wrote this. Tell me if this doesn’t resonate with you mum or dad, “I want more than anything for my kids to love me.” Of course you do they are your kids. You love them and you want them to love you.

Josh Byers, “I want them to look back on their childhood and believe they had the best dad in the world. I want them to run to me. I want them to always look to me, to need me, to respect me. That is the desire of my heart. And while all of these are good things, I’ve turned them into idols.”

Todd Friel, “Uh oh is it possible? This is that need want thing again. I want those things. But if we have crossed over to the line of I need those things. I imagine that someday my children they will be married and my cell phone will ring inside of my head because we will have implants by then and I will simply just I will push my nose to answer it and say, “hi honey.” Or I will just think the thought, “hi honey.” And it will communicate without me actually having to speak the words. Dad I need your wise counsel. You have always been so wise. Could we please meet at Cassetters after The Psalm 119 Conference in Minneapolis. Information available at www.wretchedradio.com and discuss it.”

Tony Verkinnes, “I see what you did there.”

Todd Friel, “Snuck it right in and I would say of course I would love to dispense some of the deep pools of wisdom that I have accumulated over the years. But has that become an idol thought? Because I love my kids perhaps uh oh too much or I love the idea of my relationship with my kids too much and it has become an idol. Back to joshbyers.com.

Josh Byers, “I am realizing that I treasure their response to me more than anything. I realize that I treasure their response to me more than anything.”

Todd Friel, “Uh oh that is idolatry.

Josh Byers, “If they do not respect me and talk to me in an honouring way then I feel I am not getting what I do not deserve.”

Todd Friel, “Maybe dear mum or dad if you are getting angry with your kids when they are not acting the way that you expect them or want them to act is that why you are getting mad at them? Because you treasure there response more than anything? And so this isn’t as much about their misbehavior, their bad behavior. But it is about that they are not giving you the thing that you desire. In your mind you say, “clean up your room.”And they say, “mother I don’t know how I can live without you. Thank you for the room mum. You are better than Mrs. Walton,” because your child has become an idol. Or that need to be affirmed like that has become an idol and maybe that is why you get torched. I can’t answer that. Your spouse can answer that. Is that why you get you mad at your child? This is pride taking over my heart. I feel that I am entitled to this and if I don’t get in my life then, it is not complete. When I get angry I am not really angry with my kids. I am angry at the love, honour, respect I have not received. It is my selfishness that is driving my response. This is why secular psychology falls down every single time. They will never get to this level with you. Biblical counseling will, secular counseling will not. Because remember what is the presupposition in secular society? You are a good person. You were born forgiving and you had to learn unforgiveness. No you are born a wretched sinner and your heart is an idol factory and when you get angry it is not because you are angry at the kids so much as you are angry at what they have not provided for you, which is what you need, because it is an idol in your heart.

Josh Byers, “I need to realize all the love I need was provided by Jesus at the cross. When I understand this I don’t feel the need to have the love of my kids and I can respond to them with love and correction rather selfishness and correction.”

Todd Friel, “We talked about this in Drive By Marriage. Until you no longer need your spouse or children you will not be able to love them right. In fact you will be more inclined to get mad at them because they are not giving you what you need. So you think, because your heart is not filled with what it should be filled with and that is the love of God and so you are torched perpetually perhaps because your kids aren’t serving you and you need that and this is that whole idea – you will not be able to love rightly until you no longer need the love of another person. You can’t love them rightly because you will be loving them for selfish motives. This is the I will scratch the rich so they scratch my love itch. This is my needs, her needs, his needs, their needs, our needs all for wrong motives and reasons. I will do this for my kids. I will love my spouse so that they will give back what I want. Wrong it will fail every time and you won’t love them rightly because you will be loving them selfishly until you no longer need the love of your spouse or children. Need is the key word. You can want it but you don’t need it. You do not need the love of your spouse or children. You don’t need it. It is nice to have it. You don’t need it. You have the love of God who cares if the peasants love you when the King loves you. Who cares, really who cares? Now is it nice? Of course it is didn’t say that. Is it okay to want that? Of course it is. Need that? No it is not. The minute you stop needing the love of your child you will be able to love that child right and I would suspect your anger will go down because you will be rushing to forgive. Because you will thinking in gospel terms and not in TD Jakes terms.”


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