Wretched Radio With Todd Friel & Tony Verkinnes – Will TD Jakes repent of Word of Faith teaching?

[The following is a transcript segment taken from a Wretched Radio show podcast]

[This Wretched Radio Show podcast was originally broadcast on                                            Monday March 5th2012. You can listen to the full mp3 – WR2012-0305 – Hr2 if you subscribe to Wretched Radio podcasts. Just go to http://www.wretchedradio.com]

Todd Friel, “David could you perhaps tell me why you blessed us with TD Jake-isms.”

David, “Oh you wanted me to do that.”

Todd Friel, “I did not.”

David, “Yes you did after The Elephant Room conference you said hey we should do clips to see if Jakes has changed his mind on Word of Faith doctrine. That was your idea.”

Todd Friel, “Is that right?”

TD Jakes, “When somebody messes with your mind they have messed with your most precious resource. When they mess up your head, they have messed up something serious, because out of your head comes your thoughts and out of your thoughts comes your family and your companies, your self-perception, your creativity and sound idea. You need to come to church so you can get your head together.”

Todd Friel, “I have to admit I don’t know what any of that meant.”

TD Jakes, “The LORD said go back and look at David encouraging himself and weigh it against BP. I said LORD what does British Petroleum have to do with David?”

Todd Friel, “I can’t even imagine. Hey by the way Joey the other day I went into BP and I got myself a cup of coffee and the girl who is working there spilled it. Why am I not surprised? It is a BP spill joke. Alright what did you discover about the biggest project?”

David, “What it says now we are at 19,416 so we are about 584 short.”

Todd Friel, “Way to go. Well done. Well now let us find out how David encouraged himself with an oil spiller something.”

TD Jakes, “Encouraging himself he says the problem that BP has down in the gulf is when you take something that is meant to be energy and waste it. What did give jobs and give life and did give opportunities now creates death because it is power not channelled into purpose. It wouldn’t be a problem if you could channel it. But any time you have got something that is just spewie and not channelled toward anything that is productive, that should have give life starts to give doubt because it is not channelled into purpose.”

Todd Friel, “Now what does that have to do with us TD?”

TD Jakes, “He said when I encourage you I am going to encourage you to move and I don’t want you to keep telling me to encourage you to do something that you ain’t gonna do. Because if you do then the oil is just spewing and what should have given you life starts producing death because you don’t have the guts to take action on the level of anointing that you have.”

Todd Friel, “I knew it. I knew that some. I am sorry to sound like Rush. I knew that this somehow was going to get to the anointing, you see the oil spill and the anointing. I didn’t want to jump in because I hate being right in instances like this. I have to confess to you if weren’t for his cadence I don’t think I would know and I don’t think the audience would know when they are supposed to get whipped up because that makes no sense to me whatsoever. This is Wretched Radio.”

TD Jakes, “Do you have the mindset to be blessed? You have to decide to be blessed.”

Todd Friel, “I do?”

TD Jakes, “You have to decide you know what this is the day that the LORD has made. I will rejoice.”

Todd Friel, “Getting whiplashed.”

TD Jakes, “I as an the act of my will, I have decided I am going to rejoice. I made up my mind I am going to be happy. I made up my mind. I am going to enjoy. I am as healthy as I am going to be. I am as young as I am ever going to be. I can’t get any younger. I can’t roll the clock back. What I have got left I am going to maximize it. I will rejoice.”

Todd Friel, “Not going to show off here. There is a Greek word that describes that type of preaching pithal. This is Wretched Radio. That is just a waste of an opportunity, that just makes me sad as much as anything. Poor people, giving them that, they walk out of the door and that is what they are left with. Setting your mind to it, that the is power of positive thinking is what you are hearing woven into a TD Jakes sermon. Just think it, believe it and you will act like it and God will do it because who knows what hey? It got him a high bred. It is a little Word of Faith. It is a little do this, you will get that. Speak this and then that will happen, act like this, give this much, you will get back. Same old, same old just in a TD Jakes style package and it is tragic is what it is, simply tragic.

We would like to share this. Somebody sent this in with a quote from Martyn Lloyd Jones now he is nothing to pithal with he is a good theologian. That is right he is nothing to pithal with. I think I confused that with trifle. But if you look at the etymology of the word pithal and trifle you will see just go to your Strongest Strong Concordance and you will see it is number 71 and you will see that the root word of pithal and trifle is exactly the same. Hey speaking of using your Strongest Strongs Concordance that is how far I am in the Greek project. I know you probably don’t care but I am just telling you. We are trying to show how you can use your Greek knowledge understanding the Greek language. What we are going to be teaching it is not Greek to me. Showing you how a concordance that is connected to a Greek lexicon which is just a fancy word for dictionary. So that you can see the Greek word. Now while that can be very cool as we will teach on this, a your little DVD product which should be available really before the next time the minds threaten that the world is coming to an end. That can almost be more dangerous than edifying. Because just because you can go, okay there is the root of the word that I just from Greek because I know how what syllabification looks like. I know how to cut off the prefix and the suffix and oh there is the root of the word and now I can go find the word and I have got the number and then you can if you are not careful pick the meaning of the word that you like and fall into the semantic range fallacy which is seeing that the word has a broad variety of potential meanings and picking the one that you like or multiple words. You can’t do that. There is some rules to picking the right definition for that particular word just like you do in English. I think one of the words that we talked about in Herman was trunk. Joey what is a trunk?”

Joey, “It is something that you put clothes and storage items in that you know sits in your bedroom.”

Todd Friel, “Let me give you the context.”

Joey, “And it has got branches and leaves on it.”

Todd Friel, “Let me give the context. Stop it. There once was a room conference that featured a packet, what is a trunk Joey?”

Joey, “It is a large appendage in the nasal area on the front of a largely…”

Todd Friel, “There you go context tells you what trunk means and that is what we need to do when we go about translating the Bible. When we take a look at it and try to figure out what the word is context is going to often tell you exactly what word, what it should actually be. Because trunk is trunk. It is also the back end of a car where you put stuff in or if you are really a creep, you know a dead body. But you have got to know the context or you have got to know how the author uses the word or the Testament uses so that you do not fall into the semantic range fallacy. So it will teach you all of that stuff with some caveats that you have got to be really careful. Because if you are not very careful you could get gored by that Elephant trunk.”

TD Jakes, “Words are so powerful. Even evil words are powerful. If somebody stands over you and says you are a fool and you are a failure and you are going to be a tramp just like your nanny, whatever they say to you. Those words have life. If negative words have life to bring you down, positive words have life to pull you…”

Todd Friel, “That is the ugly Word of Faith business. Now do words bring life? Sure they do. Do they bring death? In a sense, but they don’t create life, they don’t create death, basically what the Bible is trying to say is you can either…hey Joey nice job by the way on Pastor Bobbie.”

Joey, “Thank you.”

Todd Friel, “That would be speaking like. Hey Joey crummy job on Pastor Bobbie that would be speaking death. You know some things help, some things hurt. But that is not what he is on about TD Jakes. This is, “you have got to be thinking right, you have got to be speaking right and then things will turn out right.”

TD Jakes, “To get my mind ready for this year because when I get this year there is going to be blessings, there is going to be miracles, there is going to be opportunities, oh yes there is going to be some struggles, there is going to be some challenges, there is going to be some tests but even the struggles are an opportunity for me to show off the victory, if my mind can handle the change.”

Todd Friel, “Yeah you know throwing a little caveat on like that doesn’t really help much.

Martyn Lloyd Jones, “We must recognize the different types of persons and we must learn to discriminate between them.”

Todd Friel, “He is talking about formulaic evangelism.”

Martyn Lloyd Jones, “There is nothing so pathetic, (That is a strong word) “or so unscriptural as a mechanical wave of testifying to others. There are some Christians who are guilty of that. They witness and testify but they do it in a thoroughly mechanical way. They never really consider the person with whom they are dealing. They never try to access the person or discover what his position is.”

Todd Friel, “Then he basically goes about to say this is bad and it is terrible and I like Martyn Lloyd Jones and I get part of his point that it is good to be genuinely empathetic, to listen. “Hey where are you at in your walk?” To care, to show compassion, sorry for the cliché but at the end of the day they still need the gospel. They still need to hear it. Now you can if you want to, you can go about weaving it in and you can you have really, you have got that liberty. But I would also say that just because you deliver it. You hear us doing it, using the law, giving the gospel, repentance and faith.

That might be something that Martyn Lloyd Jones has in his sights when he is talking about formulaic evangelism and I can understand that but I will also say this when you have witnessed to five people, ten people, twenty people, two hundred people what you start to realize is yes hearing the stories is interesting, but it ultimately does not really change the message and it doesn’t ultimately change how we are going to – that we have to deliver. You have got to deliver the major components and so whether they, “you know I come out of Hinduism,” fascinating, “I come out of Mormonism,” fascinating, “I grew up in an Atheist home,” very interesting and you can if you have got savvy and you think on your feet like that and you can weave the law and the gospel and repentance and faith masterfully. Knock yourself out.

But just because you deliver it in a quote mechanical way doesn’t mean it is wrong, because you know who it is not mechanical to? The person who is hearing it, just because you have heard yourself deliver it many times the same way or you have heard somebody else deliver the same time. The person who is hearing it hasn’t heard that before and so it is fresh to them and so while I get the point of let’s be engaged, let’s be people who listen. It doesn’t mean that we need to constantly need to be so engaged in listening because honestly…okay what would somebody have to say before you changed anything about God’s character, nature? Nothing, now what would they have to, now you can find something out about somebody that might cause you to be sensitive in an area. For instance somebody is coming, somebody is living in a, they had an abortion, terrible sin. But I think at the same time it requires some sensitivity. Homosexuality it is a sin. It requires I think some sensitivity. So it can help you but are you then going to not say that abortion and homosexuality are a sin, of course you are like anything else. So it is ultimately not going to really change the message. So with all due respect to the great theologian yeah it is nice to vary it. But I really that I don’t think that it is necessary.”

TD Jakes, “Look at your neighbour and say you don’t have to get out of trouble. You just have to get your mind out of trouble. You can get your mind out, you can get money out, you can get your family out. You can get your job out. You can get your career out. You can get your health out. You can get your prosperity out. If you can get your mind out, no devil in hell, no weapon formed against you, no enemy that hates you, no witch that hitches you can stop you being free. If you can get your mind out, grab yourself by the hand and say we are coming out of this.”

Todd Friel, “Joe let me grab you by the hand and say if the son has set you free. Wait a second that is not what he said at all is it?

Joey, “You have to grab yourself.”

Todd Friel, “I have to grab myself. Hold on one second.”

TD Jakes, “If you can get your mind out, grab yourself by the hand and say we are coming out of this.”

Todd Friel, “Grab yourself by the head or by the hand and say we are coming out of this.”

TD Jakes, “If you can get your mind out, grab yourself by the hand and say we are coming out of this.”

Todd Friel, “We are coming out of this. We are coming out of this, we are coming….oh here I am.”


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