Wretched Radio With Todd Friel – Steven Furtick is all about the numbers

[The following is a segment transcript                                                            taken from a radio show broadcast WR2012-0803-Hr1 mp3 This show was broadcast on Friday August 3rd 2012]

Todd Friel, “Hey speaking of what is important Steven Furtick writing an article called wow my is garbage is empty. Steven Furtick why we are all about the numbers. Now I am a literalist. I grant you that. But when somebody says we are all about the numbers. I take them at their word. It means that they are all about the numbers and he goes on to explain the number of lives that Jesus can permeate, and penetrate with the gospel, and the number of marriages that can be restored. What else matters? What else should we be about? Excuse me pastor rock star over here in the, what about the skinny jeans? Yeah eh right. Being faithful and doing it theologically correct. That is my answer right there that is what we should be all about. Quoting Acts 2:41, 47 he states, “this might come as a bit of a shock to people. But measuring numbers and putting an emphasis on them isn’t a new phenomena.” Get ready for this 2,000 years ago well that was exactly when the Bible was being written. Luke by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote, “those who accepted his message were baptized and about 3,000 were added to their number that day and the LORD added to their number daily, those who were being saved.” You know why he put that verse there that is because Luke counted so we need to be all about the numbers.

[plays clip]

“We are not going to take it,

No we aint, no we aint going to take it

We are not going to take it anymore”

Todd Friel, Sorry sir. The verse was not an endorsement or a verse that says, “do it all for the numbers.” It was to show the miraculous conversion that happened on that day by God so we go, “wow how cool is God.” Not so that we would set up programmes to simply win people, because as soon as your eye is on numbers. Not that we don’t, counting numbers isn’t necessarily a sin, it can be a sin if it is for pride. If it is for vanity. But if you just counting the numbers for this reason or that reason it doesn’t have to be a sin. But when that is the priority I promise you very short order you will start doing things that are not biblical. Why? It is about the numbers. Well who cares if I am taking a motorcycle on the stage? It doesn’t make any difference if I kick him in the guts. It is about the numbers and you compromise on the truth and so sorry Steven when you state that “we are all about the numbers,” you got it wrong and your Bible verse selection to be proof texted is just I think another demonstration young man you are not fit to be in the pulpit. He said, “we have got to make sure we are measuring ministry numbers to measure our effectiveness and enlarge the kingdom of God.” Well no measure your faithfulness. Measure your accuracy. Measure doing it rightly, not all for the numbers.


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