Wretched Radio – Todd Friel – What’s the deal with Joseph Prince?

This Wretched Radio was broadcast on Friday August 4th 2012

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[Transcript of Wretched Radio Show]

Todd Friel, “A little bit of an update on Joseph Prince. Somebody was beep talking yesterday, saying, “what is the deal with Joseph Prince?” and my initial response to him, about him I should say. Hold on one second. Hold on my initial was I have seen enough him to go okay he is an interesting character because his stick, his imputed righteousness, his bag of goodies is justification therefore somebody is going to get saved listening to this guy. However he surrounds himself with the cavalcade of crazies that you see on TV. The prosperity guys, the Word of Faith people. Doing the same stick well this sent in from Cameron Beatle I believe that you can go to his website. He has got a blog site called onceuponacross.com.

Cameron Beatle, “Hey Todd Joseph Prince is extra dangerous

because gets some things right.”

Todd Friel, “Yes he does.”

Cameron Beatle, “He gets penal substitutionary atonement right.”

Todd Friel, “He does and that is why I think some people are going to get saved despite the wonkiness. He really labours in that area. Now there is something about it though where I go ah something and that is why I want to do a little more research on it. But Cameron goes on, “then he denies the need to repent because he applies it universally. In other words God’s wrath is already satisfied on everyone, therefore no need for anyone to repent.”  Well I went to the website which is why I had to bend over and grab the thing and there is nothing on his website about repentance. But in fairness just trying to be sort of fair. Repentance isn’t on a lot of evangelicals websites. Ask Jesus, accept Jesus, make a decision for Jesus. At his website it simply says, “you need to believe in Jesus.” It doesn’t have anything about repentance. Now I did go to the website and I am scrambling to find it here and I printed out some of the stuff that is on his website.

Some of the teachings and it is a lot of the same Word of Faith stuff that in the atonement also isn’t just forgiveness of sins, it is health wealth, it is prosperity and he lists all of the prosperity verses. Mostly Old Testament verses. All of them taken out of context. All of them mangled for his ends which is prosperity preacher and so it is Word of Faith combo with penal substitutionary atonement.

Now there is a part of me that wants to rejoice over the penal substitutionary atonement part. I am not sure that I can here is why. When the disciples were complaining hey of those guys they are doing miracles in your name. What was their concern? They are not in our click. Admonition from Jesus. Now you have got another situation. Paul there were preachers who were preaching from the wrong motives and Paul’s response to that was and yet I rejoice even though their motives are to hurt me I rejoice that the gospel is being preached. Note he didn’t say that they were teaching wrongly. He said the gospel is being preached. He didn’t say they also had Word of Faith and ah I am not going to worry about it because they have got that wonky Word of Faith in there. He rejoiced they correctly preached theology, he rejoices over and we should too. The problem with Joseph he is a blending of those things. So we will keep digging into it. He is a big fan of the Hagin’s. He has got a video talking about the Hagin’s where he endorses the Hagin’s. It is the historic Word of Faith stuff from New Creation church. He is from Singapore. Big church, very big church there becoming very famous thanks to TBN, other networks. He is going global and this guy is big.

New Creation church from their website, “our beautiful amazing Jesus did such a wonderful work on our behalf. But it is futile to you if your only response is to nod and say yes that is great my friend. Jesus has already done everything necessary to redeem you and restore you to sweet fellowship with Him and God the Father.” No argument there right? “But his finished work can only become real in your life if you make a personal decision to accept Him.”

Todd Friel, “So there you have got the decision accepted.Same old blahblahblah, poorly phrased Evangelicalism. Nothing about repentance.”

New Creation church, “Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour will not only save you from hell but also give you (here it comes) health, joy, peace, love, hope, unconditional acceptance, the power to get wealth and every good thing that you can think of and more.”

Todd Friel, “That is bad. That is very bad and it is as refutable as pointing to the Apostle Paul. Where was all of his favour, the power to get wealth? Sometimes I have got some dough, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I am getting stoned and I don’t mean that in a chi and chung kind of way. So sometimes I am not. Hey by the way I think I made a seventies reference that was wrong.”

Tony Verkinnes, “Wrong?”

Todd Friel, “I believe in miracles.”

Tony Verkinnes, “Wild Cherry?”

Todd Friel, “No hot chocolate.”

Tony Verkinnes, “No that is Wild Cherry.”

Todd Friel, “No.”

Tony Verkinnes, “That is right.”

Todd Friel, “Play that funky music White Boy.”

Tony Verkinnes, “White Boy.”

Todd Friel, “That would be your Wild Cherry.”

Tony Verkinnes, “Wild Cherry.”

Todd Friel, “Hot chocolate.”

Tony Verkinnes, “Yeah.”

Todd Friel, “Did they have more than one hit?”

Tony Verkinnes, “They had Emma. A fun little ditty about suicide.”

Todd Friel, “Lovely.”

Tony Verkinnes, “Yeah.”

Todd Friel, “Because you know I can’t think of a topic that is more fun. His daily television programme Destined to Reign. Well that kind of tells you a lot right there. Joseph Prince be leery at the very least and we will keep doing a little more research on him because he is indeed becoming very big.”



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