Wretched Radio With Todd Friel – Can we listen to Hillsong music since they preach the prosperity gospel?

[Below is a transcript of a Wretched Radio broadcast]

Wretched Radio With Todd Friel

Can we listen to Hillsong music since they preach the prosperity gospel?

This Show was on air live on Friday January 8th 2010

You can watch this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4-d4caYem8

Todd Friel, “Vitos is that you?”

Vitos, “Yeah this is me.”

Todd Friel, “Hello nice to talk to you. Hello.”

Vitos, “Hi yeah, nice being on. My question is as I remember last year you said that you know it is not right for us to probably listen to let’s see a Mormon choir or some other pos feature group that sings top Christian songs. Right,

Todd Friel, “Yes sir.”

Vitos, “Yes but I want to get your views on the Australian Christian group Hillsong. The teaching that comes from their pulpit tends to be a little bit Word of Faith. Their pastor is below reproach and you know and you know yet they have really good theological fantastic songs. They have really good songs.”

Todd Friel, “Yeah Vitos what is the name of the girl she jumps around like a bunny rabbit when she is doing an event. What is the lead singer who?”

Vitos, “Darlene Zschech.”

Todd Friel, “Darlene Zschech, wow does she have a voice doesn’t she?”

Vitos, “Yeah.”

Todd Friel, “And isn’t it don’t you just wish that they were just really orthodox and straight shooting then you could just enjoy the music.”

Vitos, “Well in terms of the gospel I think they get it really good. You know but when you hear Brian Houston’s preaching. It is like woah.”

Todd Friel, “Yeah I think you know what Vitos they have at Hillsong. They have got file cabinet theology that is orthodox. It is tucked over there in the corner and they will even tell you if you interview them and sat them down they would probably say, “yes, yes” because that is Brian Houston, “yes, yes repentance and faith. Yes that is what I believe also.” But you don’t hear it coming out of the pulpit. Are there people at Hillsong that are saved? Oh I am sure there are just like any place. Darlene Zschech though makes this whole thing interesting. Should we be listening to the really good Hillsong music when it comes out of a church that is prosperity driven and misses the gospel but is led by a woman who I have got to tell you she might be saved.

Sorry for hanging up on you Vitos. But it is not cheap having you sit on hold and we are Christians had to hang up on you. This is Wretched Radio. We are cheap and it is a free for all Friday. Please call 001 877 Law Grace. Vitos asked about Hillsong Australia.

Here is my rule on stuff. This is just my little take the deal. If I know that somebody is a heretic Philips Craig and Dean for instance. By the way we have been encouraging them. Okay if they won’t recant of their Sabellian ways, at least change their name to Philips or Craig or Dean. Just that alone would be a step. So if they are heretics I have a hard time being led in worship by them when I know that. Now it almost certain that there are people that you listen to on the radio who are heretics, who aren’t saved, but you don’t know about it. I don’t think it is a problem. I put this underneath 1 Corinthians 10 if you don’t know the meat was sacrificed to the idol then belly up to the table and eat it up. Same thing would be true with a worship song. Now what about Hillsong, they are the prosperity movement. They would give an orthodox statement of faith. But they never really preach it from the platform and the Word of Faith stuff is indeed dreadful.

Now I don’t. Here is the key perhaps. I don’t know if they got into the little gods doctrine. I know they mangle scripture. Brian Houston tortures it to pieces and they would never ever get up there and talk about things like sin and wrath. They will pluck parts of Bible verses out. They will put other ones in. I have seen it and as recently as yesterday. No kidding. However in their file cabinet they are orthodox. Maybe even more than that Darlene Zschech, now I don’t know for sure I have seen Darlene Zschech lead worship. I have got to tell you she strikes me as somebody who loves the Lord, who understands the gospel and yet she is at church. Do you know somebody like that by the way where you just, what are they doing? For the life of me and I have even heard. I am not sure about this, so this isn’t but I don’t think this is gossip because it is not trying to hurt somebody’s character in fact just the opposite in this case. I have heard that here in Atlanta Darlene Zschech has been working with and again I don’t know that this is right or not with Chris Tomlin and I think Louie Giglio to start a church in Atlanta and Chris Tomlin certainly seems to have his act together does he not? Hanging out it is kind of hard to imagine. So maybe, so all that to say Vitos what do I do with Hillsong’s music? Personally I don’t know where they are at so I listen to it if I happen to like it. If I don’t, I don’t. But if I knew that there was heresy going on then I personally would have to stop. Right now I don’t know and I could be flat out wrong or I could be wrong about this assessment. Then you let me know and I will change by all means because really I like their stuff but I am still willing to give it up. Just like Philips, Craig, and Dean it kind of gets up my nose that they are heretics. Makes me nutty, l like their stuff and they get played a lot.

In fact just today when I was going through the stack of stuff, you know for instance how to speak with somebody who stutters should you bring it up and talk to them about their stuttering problem? Use your judgement. What do you say if you don’t understand somebody who stutters? I am sorry I didn’t understand what you just said. Just like you would with anybody else. When I was going through that stack of stuff that we kind of buried away for the last decade, I ran into a thick stack of papers in dealing with Philips, Craig, and Dean. I remember this we dealt with the people at Hank Hanegraaff’s ministry to talk to….because they had worked with Philips, Craig, and Dean to try and figure out where they are at. We had their faith statements. We have got emails with I think it was Randy Philips. We dug deep. James White we worked with him at www.aomin.org to try to figure out where these guys are at and they can call it whatever they want to, but they don’t believe in the Trinity rightly. Now they have been using some really clever words to make it sort of sound close to that, “oh we believe in the apostles creed. We are not Modalist,” and so they put a special nuance on it but it is still not three distinct persons, yet one and if you ask them to recite The Athanasian Creed they would have to say, “got to pass.” We would love for them to be saved because I kind of dig their music. But..so with Hillsong same, what is the one that she had it was sort of like the Don’t go Breaking my Heart or the Love will Keep us Together or You Light up my Life or The Poseidon song by Celine Dion or The Whitney Houston song that just played over and over and you know some of those songs that about once a year. There is a song that just gets played over and over and you can’t escape it anywhere. You know what the one is right now that is the big one?”

Tony Verkinnes, “No.”

Todd Friel, “It is a party in the USA. Dang, dang, dang ta dang dang.

Party in the USA. You know it gets stuck in your head and you just want to bang it out with a jack hammer. Shout to the Lord by Darlene Zschech. That one got played constantly and did she wail on that or what. She rocked on that I mean she just kept going up and up and full voice amazing. I will sing along until I know otherwise.”       


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