Wretched Radio with Todd Friel – Is it wise for a Christian or worship leader to attend the Hillsong Conference that is so influenced by Word of Faith teaching and the Prosperity Gospel?

[Below is a transcript of a recent Wretched Radio broadcast]

You can watch this video on youtube  – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgDHJ8tQ0k4&feature=youtu.be

Wretched Radio 

Todd Friel – Is it wise for a Christian or worship leader to attend the Hillsong Conference that is so influenced by Word of Faith teaching and the Prosperity Gospel?

Caller, “Hey Todd got some very exciting news about Brian Houston’s Hillsong conference this year. They are going to feature Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer, and our favourite pastor rock star Steven Furtick. But I guess we don’t need to worry about any of the Word of Faith stuff because Chris Tomlin is doing the music.

Todd Friel, “Okay alright. Hmmm…so I am Chris Tomlin and I get an invitation to do this, would I go? Now here is historically my rule. If I got invited to go to the Brian Houston conference would I go? I would if I could preach whatever I wanted to. Now I do think at the same time if I am going to go to a conference like that I think I might be inclined to do a couple of things.

One would be to let everybody know that could possibly know why I am going, what I plan on saying.

Number two if you do not in some form speak against the bad theology that is there I wouldn’t say it was a sin but I would say you missed an opportunity. But I would go. I would go and I would preach. I would go to the Mormon temple. I would go to the Jehovah’s Witness whatever they call their chin dig and I would go to the Brian Houston affair if I could say whatever I wanted to because accepting an invitation is different than extending an invitation. But what about a worship leader like Chris Tomlin? Would I go and lead worship at something like that. That is a little different isn’t it? That is instead of being prophetic. There is a bit of an assumption there that people there all understand the truth. Now undoubtedly there are going to be some Christians there confused ones, misled ones but there will be Christians there. But would I go to a conference that overall is influenced and so swayed by the prosperity nonsense? I don’t think I would do that for worship. I don’t think I would.

Now would I shellac Chris Tomlin for it? You know based on what I know about Chris Tomlin and you know we are quite close because we did go to the movies together once that is right. Apparently he is not a fundamentalist Baptist because okay he was in the theatres at the same time I was. The point is would I shellac him knowing that overall he writes good theological stuff? That overall he preaches the gospel when he does his concerts. I don’t think that I would be inclined to go, “that is it he has jumped ship.” Here is another thing to consider maybe just maybe it is one of those Tim Teebo type of issues. Remember Tim Teebo found himself in that mess where he was invited to a speakers agency to go to some Word of Faith conference and it blew up on the internet and what did he do? He pulled out of it and maybe that is the same case here where he went. Maybe Chris Tomlin and his brain went, “you know I am going to go there and yeah I am going to lead worship but I am going to preach the gospel to them real clear and I am going to speak out against the prosperity nonsense.” Now would I think that justifies worship? Personally I don’t. Could I understand that he would? Yes point being it really depends on the individual, how much grace we might be inclined to afford. How close of a call it is, the impact of it, we want to be a little bit more grace filled with brothers who are consistently good. Now if it were somebody that were writing garbage then it would be like figures duh expect that. Somebody like Chris Tomlin who I actually don’t know I would be inclined to at least give the benefit of the doubt.

Now if other things start to happen and there starts to develop a pattern then I might be concerned. But just a one off type of thing, I don’t think I would be.


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