Wretched Radio – Todd Friel – Does TD Jakes teach a gospel of inclusivism?

[The following is a transcript of a Wretched Radio Show]

You can watch this video on youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MIG4gIlm3k

Wretched Radio With Todd Friel                                                                                                                                                              Is TD Jakes an inclusivist?

Todd Friel, “Speaking of repenting and putting your trust in Jesus and eternal conscious torment. This morning I decided I don’t do this a lot but I was reading the post of the video that we put up with TD Jakes and Oprah Winfrey on The Wretched TV Show and if you recall we listened to it on the radio together and it was just these vagueries from TD Jakes.

Oprah asked, “Is Jesus the only way?” and basically TD Jakes said, “oh yes to me and you know you can find God in your living room or in a church or in a kitchen.” And it was fuzzy. It seems though what TD Jakes was trying to say was that, “you can be on a Hindu road, you can be on a Buddhist road, you can be on a whatever road, an Atheist and as long as you are on a road you will get to heaven because of Jesus. You will go through the door of Jesus even though you are a Hindu who doesn’t even know the name of Jesus.”

And some people complained about that and said, “well you know as long as Jesus is saving them then Jesus is saving them.” But there is a little problem Jesus didn’t just say that He is the door. Do you remember the statement John 14:6? “I am the truth and the life.” And now people would be inclined to go, “yeah,” like a Brian McClaren would say, “well yes He is. I do believe people go to heaven because of Jesus.” It is the anonymous Christian view. “They don’t know Jesus but Jesus will get them there.” And more and more people are starting to go, “well that is okay as long as Jesus gets the credit for it and they are still being saved by Jesus.” No I left out one of the words. He is not just, “the truth and the life.” He is, “the way.” You have got to be on the way of Jesus. You have got to be on the road of Jesus otherwise you could be on the broad road that leads to destruction. Narrow is the way and Jesus is the way. You have got to be on the road so when you get to the door you can enter through Jesus. Anything short of that will find you in literally hot water.


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