Wretched Radio – The Elephant Room topics are out, and TD Jakes gets a pass in the first round – By Todd Friel

Wretched Radio – The Elephant Room topics are out, and TD Jakes gets a pass in the first round

Monday November 21st 2011

By Todd Friel Todd Friel,

(Transcript of Radio Show)

Todd Friel, “Hey this is very exciting The Elephant Room has announced what the topics are going to be and you know what? They are very good topics. They are indeed very interesting topics. They are going to be: Come Together.

This is about in Houston, you have got, no it is in Dallas. Is TD Jakes in Houston or Dallas? TD Jakes is in Dallas, The Potters House is in Dallas. So TD Jakes, his church is predominantly black. Jack Graham who is going to be on the panel, he is a Southern Baptist and his church is predominantly white. The question is why is that? And they are going to explore it moderated by Mark Driscoll. So on the panel is going to be TD Jakes and Jack Graham. Now it happens to be listed as the first conversation. I don’t know if this is going to be the order, but I will say this, if that is going to be the first conversation and it includes TD Jakes and we do not address the issue of his heresy. Why would we be giving him a little panel to be discussing ethnic issues? Prior to getting, you talk about The Elephant Room, the elephant being buried in the room with a little help from my friends.

Is There a Future for Denominations? That is interesting.

Ticket to Ride. Then finally we get to What are the Majors of Christian Doctrine that cannot be diluted or denied for a person to be a Christian? How can we help one another move beyond the bare minimum of accepted belief to a pursuit of robust, self-satisfying biblical substance? Look that is more than one topic smashed in there. The Elephant is TD Jakes, modalism is the elephant. We aren’t dedicating a topic to that? Hmmm….and it is going to be the third one, hmmm….Mark Driscoll and TD Jakes moderated by James McDonald, oh wouldn’t it be nice to see James White in there?

Can’t buy me love? What elements must accompany a faithful presentation of the gospel? Stephen Furtick and Crawford Loritts moderated by James McDonald. Stephen Furtick is going to tell us basically what must be included in a gospel presentation. Hey did you see the Stephen Furtick text that he sent out? It was a fella named R War80, something like that and the guy was going after him and he, let me see if I can find it and basically Stephen Furtick responded and said something like, “you are a jerk. You only have 12 followers on twitter land and I rebuke you. How is that?” I would say that he might be hating on the hater.

Hard Day’s Night, how can a pastor effectively manage the pressures of ministry? Very good topic, We can work it out, what responsibilities do we have to local pastors who exist outside of our theological boundaries within the body of Christ?

How do you confront a brother in error while showing fidelity to truth? Well that should be interesting. Does a pastors association really communicate endorsement? So that is degrees of separation. That should be very interesting but if they don’t deal with in my opinion with the elephant in the room, which is TD Jakes and his modalism before they give him a platform for anything that will be a tragedy.

Received this from John who sent this thing, the link to the James McDonald announcing the topics at The Elephant Room and he wrote this whole thing as a joke and can only end badly. These would be some interesting topics. So now we have some questions that John would ask if he were actually sitting in The Elephant Room and I think he might win the sarcasm of the day award. Here would be the first question, “How can we stop building the kingdom of me and build instead the kingdom of God?” Ouch, in fact its Stephen Furtick’s little tettertay that, the little war that he was having with the fella that he was texting against. They were talking about this was the biggest Sunday in Elevation history, “we have more people come to our church and blahblahblah,” about the numbers, numbers, numbers. “How can we stop hating on the haters?” That would be a good question. “When does a preoccupation with sex saturated extra biblical revelation make me a weirdo?” That is a good one, “Why is Sabellianism now considered a viable option for evangelicals?”  That is a good question.

Tony Verkinnes, “Yeah.”

Todd Friel, “How many photons could be conserved if I stop beaming my image on big screens and let churches hire their own pastors?” I do not know what he is talking about there. “How can I be so arrogant as to contradict historic Christianity in the name of unity?” Woof, I think this might be moving beyond sarcastic John. “Who died and made me evangelical spokesperson?”  Well John MacArthur is still alive and well. “How can I stop tweeting about my own successes and start preaching Christ and him crucified? Why are leadership strategies more important than simple shepherding?” Ain’t it the truth? Why you know, all these conversations about methods and what not, they should be conversations about methods, are they within inside of the biblical framework? Why isn’t there more of a focus on preaching and shepherding and visiting people in the hospital?


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