The Most Important Decision you Will Ever Make – Stop Following and Listening to Joyce Meyer!!!!

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Matt Slick Speaks out Against Word of Faith Heretic

Joyce Meyer Monday November 21st 2011

Matt Slick Reads Excerpt From Joyce Meyer’s Book Which Contains the Adam God Doctrine Heresy (click this link to listen to the sound clip)

I have got this booklet. I am not going to say who it is by yet and I sent off for it because I thought, “no it can’t be true.” Some of the things said in here cannot be true. Now I am going to read the date of this. This is 1993, it is copyrighted the whole bit and I am going to read through some stuff and then we will talk about who it is later and so you will have hopefully an open mind about who is saying this. You will say, “no that is not right Matt.” Stuff like that because I will be reading the good stuff. Now here is something which is page 14 of this book which I will tell you later on, oh and for the podcasters this is the 21/11/2011 there you go. Okay, now on page 14 of this Booklet. It is a Booklet you know it is like 5 inches tall, or something like that by 3 inches wide. It is about sixty somewhat pages. It is a booklet okay.

It says this on page 14 – The Most Important Decision you Will Ever Make (Second Printing – May 1993) Joyce Meyer, “There were things about Adam that were like God. He had God’s breath, his blood, he had God’s nature and character. He was holy and good like God. No evil was in Adam at all. He and God could fellowship because they were alike.”

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What do you think of that? Sound pretty good Adam had God’s breath, he had God’s blood, he had God’s nature and his character. Well no that is not correct, he did not have God’s blood unless you are a Mormon. Let’s see okay. We are going to get the caller in a second when I finish this segment. You know we don’t have his blood, we don’t have God’s nature. God is holy, He is God that is His nature, the divinity. We don’t have His nature, we are not divine. You see the problem is it elevates man too much. You see people what they will do is they will say things they are not really elevating but they are kind of elevated. They are not really saying it but they are kind of saying it. They don’t say things like, “we are claiming to be little gods.” They don’t say that well we are like God in his character and his nature and his blood. Well what are they exactly saying? They are not really saying exactly what they are saying, they are speaking generalities – so they can slip a truck load of heresy through it later on, which you will find out is the case when I read more. Real simple, real easy stuff.

I will read it one more time and then I will get to the caller The Most Important Decision you Will Ever Make (Second Printing – May 1993) Joyce Meyer, “Adam said that he had God’s breath, had God’s blood and yet had God’s nature and character.” Wrong did not have God’s blood, did not have God’s nature. Okay did not. Can we say heresy?

Matt Slick Discusses Joyce Meyer’s Heresy and her Distorted View of Jesus Atonement (click this link to listen to the sound clip)

Hey folks if you want to call 001 877 207 2276 and let me get back to the book. There is no callers right now. Okay to the book. Alright let’s see I am strolling to the pages remembering I am just writing. I mean I am reading things I underlined. “Remember in order to have choice you must have more than one selection.”

That is not true. Well that kind of is true but it depends on what they mean by that. How about that, “I have a sin nature we get it at birth.” We get it at birth that is interesting.

“Man’s flesh equals his body and soul.”

That is not good. There is a lot of things bad in here. I want to get to the good stuff. Okay, this is on page 32. Let me go back to the chatroom, see what people are saying in the chatroom. Think it is good.

Alright, “Jesus was alive to God inside, totally connected with the Father. He was one with him like Adam was before he sinned.”

You see that is kind of I haven’t figured that one out, I am like what? What do you mean one? He was one with them like Adam was, because when Jesus says, “I and the Father are one.” In John 10:30 he is claiming divinity. But in John 17 that we all be one it is not talking about divinity but talking about purpose and things like that. So it is just little things you are just like what do they mean? “Adam sinned, Jesus did not ever sin. He was a perfect sacrifice for sin.” Now that is good.

Alright now here we go, “what should you believe as a chapter? Believe that Jesus did what the Bible said. Believe he is indeed the Son of God, born of a virgin, he took man’s sin on himself.”

All good so far, “He became our sacrifice and died on the cross.” That is good. “He did not stay dead. He was in the grave for three days. During that time he entered hell where you and I deserved to go legally because of our sin. He went to hell where we deserved to go because of our sin.” The place of judgement and damnation. You don’t find that in scripture. You see now when they say, “he went to hell,” what does the person mean by went there? Went and proclaimed the truth? Or went and suffered? This is important because you know people just say things. You have got to ask more questions.

So the next sentence is very enlightening check this out it says, “During that time he entered hell where you and I deserved to go legally because of our sin. He paid the price there.” He is paying the price there, what price? Okay dying on the cross, obviously our redemption.  “He paid the price there.” Where? In hell.” That is flat our heresy. I will explain why. I will read some more, “All this He did willingly because He loved His Father.”

Okay page 36 this scene in the spirit realm went something like this now remember after this I am going to tell you who the book is from. Okay, this is heresy. What I am going to read now is flat out heresy and any preacher who would say this needs to be defrocked because they should never gotten to be a preacher with this kind of theology but I will tell you it is all over the TV, all over a lot of churches and it is flat out demonic doctrine seriously. Now check this out, here it comes – here is the book I am reading page 36 of this book and I will tell you what it is in a minute.

I am going to read a whole paragraph, “Jesus paid on the cross and went to hell in my place.” Hmmm….“then as God had promised on the third day Jesus rose from the dead. The scene in the spirit realm went something like this God rose up from His throne and said to demon powers tormenting the sinless the Son of God.” Now get this so Jesus is in hell, he is suffering, he is being tormented by demonic powers. This is what the person is saying. “Tormenting the sinless Son of God, let him go. Then the resurrection power of almighty God went through hell and filled Jesus. On the earth his grave where they had buried him was filled with light as the power of God filled his body. He was resurrected from the dead. The first born again man.”

Now who is saying this heresy, who is saying Jesus is the first born again man? Because in the context of born again, the way Jesus used it in John 3, he is talking about being saved, being regenerated. Now this person is saying Jesus was the first born again man? Implying that Jesus was some how in need of redemption or in need of deliverance, or in need of whatever because Jesus was in hell suffering and finished the atonement there. That is what is going on. That is what this heretic is saying. This is heresy. This is what it says. He paid the price there, where there in hell. He paid the price, that means his atoning work was paid there in hell. This is heresy, who is saying this? Joyce Meyer. This is in the book The Most Important Decision you Will Ever Make by Joyce Meyer. That is what I am reading. This is out of the booklet printed with the second printing May 1993. This is heresy.

What does the Bible really say? It says He bore our sins in his body on the cross 1 Peter 2:24. That is what it says. Now if Jesus died on the cross and if he had to go to hell and pay the price and suffer from the demonic forces then become born again. Then what that means is that the atonement was not finished on the cross. It had to be finished in hell that is what this theology would necessarily say. However Jesus said on the cross, John 19:30, “It is finished.” He bowed his head and gave up his Spirit. It is finished. That term, “it is finished” found on papyri in ancient times in Greek it is Τετέλεσται tetelestai. What it is saying is that Jesus finished the atoning work on the cross. It was often this word, Τετέλεσται tetelestai was found at the bottom of these legal documents sanctifying a legal debt that had been paid in full. Now this was printed in 1993. I am only hoping that she has repented of this damnable heresy. Now this is damnable heresy, this is major heresy because what it is saying is that the atonement of Christ was not finished on the cross, it had to be finished in hell at the hands of the evil ones. That is an absolute denial of an essential of the faith. Because Jesus said it was finished, this is in the very nature of the atoning work and this person Joyce Meyer is speaking in contradiction to the Word of God. And is allowed to get up in front of the pulpit and preach and teach to millions. She is disqualified for a lot of reasons. One she is female and shouldn’t be up there doing that. That is another topic and I have just got a lot of people’s eyebrows raised. “You mean that she is female and can’t do it?” That is exactly right. The Bible talks about that specifically. She is a preacher. She opens the Word of God. She teaches authoritatively, she teaches with authority and teaches doctrine. She teaches that is what she does and she writes heresies. Come on where is the Christian church with its discernment? Where are the charismatic gifts? One of the spiritual gifts is the gift of discernment. Is it the case that God has removed his spirit of discernment from the church? Is that the case? Now I know there is lots of people, I know people who are very discerning as Christians they are. But the fact that so many millions are being duped at so many levels by the TV preachers. That is scary. Joel Osteen says, “Mormons are Christians.” What? Joyce Meyer saying that Jesus went to hell and was tortured there in hell to take our place there and that is where he paid the price. That is what she said. It was paid on the cross, gosh. Does this sound judgemental if I talk like this? Well if it does good. Someone has got to do it.

Now what do you guys think of that quote from Joyce Meyer in her book? The Most Important Decision you Will Ever Make. Well look at this Jesus paid the price in hell and then He is born again and he was being tormented in hell by the demonic forces. This is ridiculous. This kind of stuff is idiotic.

So she says on page 37 of this book, “His Spirit went to hell because that is where we deserved to go.” He didn’t go to hell. He didn’t go there. He went to the grave. There is some theories about some stuff like out of 1 Peter 3:18-21 talking to the spiritual in prison and making proclamation and things like that. But he didn’t suffer in hell at the hands of the evil one. That is ridiculous. Why do they say stuff like this over the air? Oh I know why because they don’t know what they are talking about that is why. It is like, “hey I am going to go to some Bible college where they do just charismatic gymnastics all the time and you know what? Hey don’t teach me how to do proper exegesis, use logic and really go with what the scripture says and no what I am going to do is get up and say really good stuff. I am going to say stuff that is stupid. But if I say it with an authority people will believe it.

Like this is what Benny Hinn said listen to this. A few nights ago I found some files you know all kinds of stuff. I am listening to them saying that is right “the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit. Three persons but each one of them persons, each one of the persons, that is right. The Father himself is consisting of three persons, as is the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” That means 9 persons in the godhead folks. Now you see what should have happened when he is preaching this, this idiocy. What should have happened okay he is up there preaching in his white whatever getup preaching that the Trinity is 9 persons. People should have stood up and then raise their hands and said, “wrong get off the stage for preaching heresy. Go away.” Then they should take their cheque books out and go support a ministry that actually teaches biblical stuff. Stuff out of the Bible. What is unfortunate is most Christians that we are finding out there in the world now because everything is so stinking comfortable for them and they get their ears tickled by these guys. They don’t know how to discern good from bad or right from wrong. They get their cheque books and man, “that sounds good God’s got 9 persons. Let’s write a cheque.” They write a cheque.

Here I have this underlined. This is what Joyce Meyer says, “There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth.”

Did you get that?  Joyce Meyer says you can’t go to heaven unless you believe that Jesus went to hell and suffered there and finished and paid the price in hell. Demonic forces. That is what she says. Let me tell you I reject what she says and I am calling her out on the carpet as a flat out heretic teaching a false gospel. With this kind of teaching I doubt that she is regenerate. Seriously a true Christian is not going to preach lies about the gospel of Jesus Christ and then state that if you don’t believe what she is saying you have no hope of going to hell. Really? Now I can only hope that she has been called out on the carpet on this and has repented. I am going to have to contact them and say does she still teach this? And see what they say. Has this been recanted of? If she has recanted fine, of course she still shouldn’t be preaching at all. What else is she saying? It is ridiculous.

And then it goes on Joyce Meyer, “When the bill was paid and our debt completely cancelled our Father raised him from the dead.” You see she is absolutely teaching that Jesus went to hell finished the atonement in hell not on the cross. That is heresy, it is a denial of the truth. She is a heretic for saying this. This is damnable heresy. She has no business preaching out the Word of God. No business whatsoever. This is the kind of stuff I have got to deal with all the time folks. It takes a lot of guts to say stuff like this but you know what she is wrong. Saved by the bell, before the music I should say. I am out of here. I will be back in by God’s grace hopefully tomorrow. We will have more. See ya. God bless everybody. Bye.

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