Newfrontiers Vision & Values | 3b. The Gospel of Grace: Grace – A distinctive of the church – Pt.2 | Terry Virgo & Simon Virgo

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The Gospel of Grace

3b. Grace – a distinctive of the church part 2

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>> Grace – a distinctive of the church part 2

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>> Discovering grace part 2

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‘A church whose people are assured of the grace of God in their lives and are clear about the full New Covenant benefits of being in Christ.’

Simon Virgo, “Obviously these understandings of grace recognizing that you are qualified, you are accepted, that there is nothing you can do to some how earn more favour with God that you are now his chosen beloved delighted in. Obviously these things didn’t necessarily come to you in one moment and I remember you saying before I mean you just used a phrase ‘glimpses of liberty’ that sometimes a Christian, a believer can see and in worship time or recognize “oh is it true, am I really that free?” I remember you saying that your journey into grace involved similar glimpses of liberty. Would you tell us something of how, how did you come into an understanding of the grace of God that now has you standing in good stead.

Terry Virgo, “Yeah I remember that so well, I do recall. It was almost like the way I have expressed it often is as though I saw a break in the cloud and saw some blue sky when I suddenly felt, “now God loves me freely” but it was almost like it wasn’t enough to establish me and I went quickly back to are you praying long enough? Are you meditating in the Bible long enough? And these so called means of grace which they are often called – Bible reading, prayer instead of becoming means of grace become duties you have to fulfil. “Am I doing them? Am I doing them enough to keep God happy?” And so they become burdensome instead of means of grace and I quickly reverted back to that and if I didn’t pray long enough or if I read my Bible I got nothing from it. I thought, “well I have failed again” and I am back down the ladder and so I felt God sometimes gave me a glimpse of something freer than that and actually I felt God spoke to me one day in my heart and said, “I will persuade you of this truth,” and it was almost so releasing it was almost like God was saying, “okay you don’t even have to work it out I am going to persuade you,” and sure enough it began to dawn on me. I think I met people at that time too who were enjoying grace and I observed them I thought, “wow that is so free, so wonderful” and then I think I was most helped by working my way through Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones sermons on Romans particularly I guess 5, 6, and 7 but I think probably his book on Romans 7 was one of the most releasing and showing us we are not under the law anymore that my relationship with the law was over. Now that was a huge breakthrough and I realised this as I have preached that around that almost sounds shocking to some but it is purely biblical.

Simon Virgo, “Sometimes people find the message of grace that God would accept you regardless of your performance, whether or not you deem yourself worthy, that he just freely accepts you, welcomes you in, loves you unconditionally – just draws you in, it is too good to be true, people struggle to kind of accept that. If people struggle with that how do you encourage someone who would find it almost too good to be true?”

Terry Virgo, “It is funny isn’t it? It says of the early believers when they discovered he had been raised from the dead it says at one point they couldn’t believe for joy and it is almost an identical thing to what you are asking, “this is too good to be true.” I think you do have to really go back to reading the scripture. I am fascinated that lots of believers don’t work at The Epistles, they love the gospel stories, they love the Psalms maybe or Old Testament characters and sometimes think, “oh The Epistles are difficult” but to me The Epistles are the heart of explanation of the new covenant and you remember Jesus said, “I have got more to say to you but if I said it now you couldn’t receive it but when I go to the Father I will send the Holy Spirit to you. He will lead you into truth, and he will take what is mine and reveal it to you. So I always feel that The Epistles are the height of biblical revelation and so the whole book is inspired we know from beginning to end it is God-breathed, but here you have got the most insightful stuff and here we are told what God did in Christ on the cross taking our guilt and shame but also how we are now in Christ and it is absolutely in The Epistles that is where you find it and what the believer is in Christ is hugely important.”

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