Newfrontiers Vision & Values | 2e. The Final Authority of Scripture: Developing Preaching – Part 1 | By Terry Virgo & Simon Virgo

The Final Authority of Scripture

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2e. Developing preaching part 1

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>> The centrality of preaching

>> Influential preachers

>> Developing preaching part 1

>> Developing preaching part 2

‘A church where regular teaching and preaching of the Bible holds a primary a role where Scripture’s authority is final.’

Simon Virgo, “The importance of preaching obviously depends ever so much on the authority of scripture. What would you say would be the dangers of drifting from that position, often a generation will have covered that important truth and a generation that follows may take it for granted and the generation after that can perhaps lose that. What would you see as the danger of drifting from believing the authority of scripture?”

Terry Virgo, “I guess what could happen is that in an endeavour to be relevant because that is another hugely important thing that we are relevant to our generation not just quaint and supposedly out of date that in a thrust to be relevant it would be possible to move away from the unchanging truth. It is important to hold to scripture’s relevance to be perfectly honest but that does mean you need to work at it, because often the stories are in another world, they are in a agricultural scene you know we are talking about people who live in a completely different generation, different world to modern city urban life and so one has to work hard to translate those Bible stories into the present world. But I would think it could be that in a desire to be biblically relevant you could get away from the unchanging truth or it could be in an endeavour to give more time to worship and enjoyment of the presence of God – charismatic experience you think, “well we haven’t got time for the preaching this week.” Now we have always worked hard at being Spirit and Word, that the experience of the Spirit’s presence but also the preaching of truth we never want one to overrule the other.

Simon Virgo, “And what would happen if we lost that value?”

Terry Virgo, “Well we would be vulnerable to drift and what can happen is we don’t live in a static situation the Bible itself is very clear that we have spiritual enemies the world itself has a different value system, and so you can find yourself being pushed away from biblical norms into reflecting the culture, being more acceptable to the man in the street, more plausible therefore you leave some of the more difficult parts of Scripture in order to be acceptable then. Once you slip away from Bible truth you are in real danger so it is the final authority so you will find sometimes matter of debate comes and some will say, “oh you have this emphasis” or “you have that emphasis” or “we would prefer” or “it has been our tradition we have arrived at this idea” and so people have all kinds of different ways in which they arrive at what they consider to be acceptable but the Bible is an objective authentic authority and it is not really for us to make choices in what would be our preference. There is all sorts of preferences we might hold and to be honest we could have kept ourselves out of a lot of trouble by just being relevant to the generation – you know, “go with the flow but we have tried hard to submit ourselves to what the Bible says sometimes what the Bible says looks it hey it is right out of touch with the culture won’t you adjust to embrace the culture?” But actually that culture could change you know it is out of date in another decade. For us our call is to be authentically biblical to reflect and represent what God wants not to try and reflect the culture.

Now we don’t want to be obscure, we don’t want to be irrelevant, we want to be relevant to the generation and interpret into that culture nevertheless what men and women need is to know what God thinks and what God says and the Bible perfectly expresses that for us.

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