Mark Driscoll on Satanic Feminism

Mark Driscoll on Satanic Feminism

Eve steps up because Adam doesn’t. She speaks because he does not. One of the puritans said that, “while Adam was away Eve fell astray” that is not the way the story goes down. It says that she fortook of the fruit and she gave some to her husband who was there with her that is what Genesis 3 says. 2 Corinthians and 1 Timothy say that Eve was deceived and this is how feminism comes into existence – deception. The assumption is that men aren’t leading and so women should fill the gap. Every critique that I have read of feminists against men I agree with and I have no agreement as to the solution. The solution to a failing man is not a woman but a redeemed man who is taught what duties are before God. Husbandry, fathering, eldership, those sorts of things. And what happens is every time there is a gap deceived well intentioned women the daughters of Eve step up to fill the leadership vacuum in the home and in the church. And so today what we see is particularly in the mainline denominations most seminary students of forty something year old women operating as nursemaids holding the hands of dead and dying congregations. Sixty percent of Christians today are female there are between eleven and thirteen million more female than male Christians in this country. The daughters of Eve are saying, “well there is no men so we should step up,” and what is happening then is there is an argument saying, “well yeah the women are here we should put them to work as pastors. We should make them heads of homes.” Rather than saying well where have failed to capture the hearts and the minds of the young men and to cause them to aspire to responsibility and headship which means that a man who takes responsibility for those things that are not his fault, in his home he takes responsibility, in his church he takes responsibility, at his work he takes responsibility. Feminism does nothing but discourage that because the more a woman steps up the more a man disappears because he doesn’t like to compete or fight with a woman. This happens all the time.

This whole deal now where “we need more women pastors” we don’t we need more men. We need masculine men, we need godly men, we need courageous men, we need men who understand what it is to be a husband and a father so that forty percent of kids don’t go to bed anymore without a without a father like they do tonight and then until a church gets a heart for dealing with young men feminism will continue to provide the false hope of Eve that started back in Genesis 3, and it continues forward Eve doesn’t learn her lesson until the end of Genesis 4. At the beginning of Genesis 4 she says with the help of God I brought forth a man she is thinking she has given birth to Jesus to atone for her own sin and fix her own problem, and that becomes Cain who is obviously not Jesus. But you know that is what happens a woman means well and then Satan wins and a woman operates under the men if it either the man runs the home or the woman runs the home and the truth is that according to Genesis 3 the man leads the home or the dragon runs the home and the woman is deceived thinking anyone other than the dragon is leading if the husband is not.

The daughters of Eve keep trying to take matters into their own hands through the book of Genesis and Genesis 19 as they are leaving town it is a wife who looks over her shoulder and are second guessing the commands of God. You keep going throughout the remainder of the book and it is women continually working through trickery trying to manipulate blessing upon their favoured children. Trying to get their hand maids impregnated. It this attempt that God sent the curse that a woman’s desire will be for her husband and that he will rule over her in the same way that Genesis 4:7 that Cain is going to be ruled over by sin and he needs to master it so the man will be ruled over by the women and their will be a gender conflict. Feminism is not new. Right, hermeneutics is not new. We just have amnesia we don’t the book a lot and so there is a lot of false hope.


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