Benny Hinn, False Miracles and Greedines | NBC’s Bob Mckeown Investigates

Benny Hinn, False Miracles and Greediness | NBC’s Bob Mckeown Investigates

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Benny Hinn, “I stand, I stand in awe of you.”

Bob Mckeown, “He maybe the most popular personality in the Christian world.”

Benny Hinn, “Tonight is your night for a miracle. Expect it, believe it, don’t leave without it. Holy Spirit.”

Justin Peters, “Millions of people, tens of millions people around the world believe that Benny Hinn is one of God’s greatest spokesman.”

Bob Mckeown, “And his supporters seem to give Benny Hinn their total trust and faith. “I believe that he has been sent, chosen by God to bring God’s healing message, salvation message to the world.

Bob Mckeown, “Say what you will about him whether he is on his daily TV show,”

Benny Hinn,somebody has just been healed of cancer – stomach cancer. Receive the fire of the Holy Ghost fire on you in Jesus mighty name.”

Bob Mckeown, “Or whether he preaching at the dozens of live crusades that attract millions annually.

Benny Hinn, “Pick him up”

Bob Mckeown, “Benny Hinn is never dull.”

Benny Hinn, “I remember a man in Susa and turned into a snake before my eyes and two thousand people saw him. Yeah I was in Ghana this week we had half a million people showed up and a man was raised from the dead on the platform. That is a fact people, we have it on video.

I want to take my dead loved one and place him in front of that TV set for 24 hours. Placing them before a television set waiting for God’s power to come through and touch them.

Lift your hands up, in the name of Jesus. Woah  oh my God. There is glory here, there is glory here, there is glory, glory, glory. My God.

That lady who came with a tumour and the tumour fell to the platform, I mean it fell to the platform we saw it and it broke in pieces as it hit the stage.

But I believe certain demons have come into America through this new groups of people coming from Haiti and from all over. These countries bringing the devils with them.”

Bob Mckeown, “Showman, salesman, zealot, Benny Hinn has made himself into a kind of one man religious conglomerate. If there were a fortune 500 list for those who pray for pay Pastor Benny would be Bill Gates. It has been reported he brings in at least a hundred million U.S. dollars each year. It is all a long way from where Benny Hinn started out. Born in Israel of Armenian Greek parents he came of age inToronto in the early 1970s by all accounts a remarkable student with an unquenchable thirst for God.”

“What he talked about most of the time his interest in God, his interest in the scriptures, his interest in learning more and then as time went on a real desire to be involved in ministry in a way that was significant and effective.

Popin Caskey was a pal who witnessed Benny’s baptism and joined the same church and religious musical truth. He is always exuberant, the hands were going, he was always talking and he talked with zeal all the time.”

Bob Mckeown, “In fact friends say Benny was so devout his family feared he was becoming a religious fanatic. Before long he got his own TV show preaching in public inToronto and beyond. But whatCanada is to Hockey, the southern U.S. is to Christian fundamentalism and in his early 20s Hinn moved to Florida where he met Susan the daughter of a local Pastor and married into the family business. Who could have guessed that 30 years later the kid from Toronto would be the most famous televangelist and faith healer in the world?”

Benny Hinn, “Lift your voices, pray in the Holy Ghost loud – pray loud, boldly in the Holy Ghost. Fire, fire, fire.”

Millions simply call him Pastor Benny.

Benny Hinn, “Somebody shout hallelujah lift your hands and praise him. Lift your hands and receive it. People ask for anything, ask for anything you want.”

Bob Mckeown, “It is a religious empire built on Benny Hinn’s pledge that if you have enough faith you will be healed especially at one of his crusades.”

Benny Hinn, “I release this anointing and I speak forth the word of deliverance and I cast every demon out – you devil of cancer, diapeais, and aids come out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Bob Mckeown, “It is a promise that could be a matter of life or death for this young man just 22 Geordie Gibson has a lethal kidney disease every 2 days at the old hospital north of Calorie he spends 5 hours hooked up to a dialysis machine.”

Bob Mckeown, “What do your doctors say might happen if you quit?   

Geordie, “I would die,”                                                                                                    

Bob Mckeown, “they say you would die,                                                     

Geordie, “I would die,”                                                                                                     

Bob Mckeown, “how quickly?”                                                                         

Geordie, “Probably within a couple of weeks.

Geordie, “If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ he does not belong to Christ, he is not his.”

Bob Mckeown, “Geordie’s doctor wants him to have a kidney transplant but Geordie says that won’t be necessary because he will be healed by God perhaps that very weekend when Benny Hinn comes to town.

Geordie, “when you have 20,000 people agreeing that God is in control, is going to heal, and you will see tomorrow that people will be healed popping out of wheelchairs and stuff like that come up on the stage and it is amazing.”

Bob Mckeown, “It is the same faith that will Janice Brulet and her eight year old daughter Grace to see Benny Hinn in Calorie. Grace was born with a debilitating variation of muscular dystrophy.

Janice, “If Jesus healed 2 thousand years ago and if he is the same yesterday, today, and forever believing that verse in the Bible then I believe that he can still do it today for Grace.”

Bob Mckeown, “Little Grace believes that too. If you could have a miracle what would you want today? Grace, “that I can walk” just walk? Is that what you want Grace just to walk? Just to walk.”

Benny Hinn, “and his people said another amen. Give the Lord a mighty hand and get ready for mighty things here tonight.”

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Bob Mckeown, “Each year Pastor Benny declares thousands of people miraculously cured. “Pastor she had epilepsy,” Benny Hinn, “goes in Jesus name.”

InPhiladelphiaa few years ago was the heart condition of former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield.

Benny Hinn, “the Lord is telling you right now he is repairing Holyfield’s heart.” A grateful Holyfield later gave Hinn a cheque for a quarter of a million dollars then he won his title back.

Bob Mckeown, “InLas Vegas it was eight year old it was William Vanderfolks eyesight Pastor Benny promised to pay for young William’s schooling.”

Benny Hinn, “you were blind completely blind or what?” No like really impaired I could only see close up. Anamera put aside a fund for this precious little boy. The money will go to him only and nobody else.”

At a crusade in a Massachusetts Hinn cast out the cancer Bella Ban Tura’s doctor had diagnosed his terminal Bella Ban Tura’s doctor had diagnosed as terminal.

Belva Ventura, “He put his arm around me, I was healed I know I was.”

Bob Mckeown, “It would all be a miraculous story indeed if not for the inconsistencies that seem to keep popping up wherever Pastor Benny goes e.g. what happened when he took his miracle crusade Sault Ste Marie some years back? He wrote about in one of his books.”

Bob Mckeown, “According to Pastor Benny he held a service at the local Catholic hospital. Afterwards his book says, “the nun in charge asked him to lay hands on all the patients in the rooms who could not come to the services.” Is that what you said to him?

Mary Francis, “I did not do that. He did not ask me and I did not do it. I wouldn’t have done that.”

Bob Mckeown, Sister Mary Francis is now in her eighties and is retired but on that day in Sault Ste Marie she was the administrator of the hospital that Hinn describes in his book,

Bob Mckeown, [Reads Excerpt From Welcome Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn]People were under the power of the Holy Spirit up and down the hallways as well as in the rooms, the sounds of praise were coming from every direction. It was happening before my eyes we were walking through a hospital and people were being healed.”

Mary Francis, “No that did not happen.”

Bob Mckeown, “After 60 years as a nun sister Mary Francis says she does believe in miracles just not the ones that Benny Hinn described in Sault Ste Marie.”

Mary Francis, “So I know what does happen it has happened but I just know it did not happen that day. It did not happen in my presence.”

Bob Mckeown, “It is the kind of discrepancy that casts a shadow over Pastor Benny’s brilliant career the credibility gap between what he says and what he does especially when it comes to miracles.”

Benny Hinn, “Oh don’t worry about the doctors they are wrong. When Jesus comes in, when Jesus comes in forget the operation.”

Bob Mckeown, “When we come back our hidden cameras reveal some of what really happens at those miracle crusades.”

Justin Peters, “He will go and tell somebody that their disease, their cancer is never going to come back, well how does he know that? He is a charlatan. A hundred and fifty years ago Benny Hinn and others like him would have been snake all salesman.”

[Singing at crusade] Sing how great thou art, then sings my soul my saviour God to thee, how great thou art….

Bob Mckeown, “It is no accident that when Pastor Benny takes the stage the band and choir are always performing the hymn, “how great thou art.” Hinn’s miracle crusades are as finely tuned as a political convention with a formula he has tested and homed for decades.”

Benny Hinn, “Tonight we come again knowing you are God almighty.”

Justin Peters, “I think he is a showman and he is very good showman.”

Bob Mckeown, “Justin Peters should know his masters thesis in theology analysed Benny Hinn’s ministry and his methods.”

Justin Peters, “he understands people, he understands how to manipulate emotions, he understands how to build himself up so that people respect him and believe what he says.”

[Singing at crusade] This is my story, this is my song….

Bob Mckeown, “And the Hinn ministry understands how to package Pastor Benny’s crusades as content for his TV show seen daily around the world. The crusades are public but are request to tape one was refused. So this past summer we took hidden cameras into Hinn Crusades inCalgary andToronto. Outside thousands line up hours before the crusade is scheduled to start – some looking for their miracle.

[Singing at crusade] Then sings my soul my saviour God to thee…..

Bob Mckeown, “Inside from the moment Pastor Benny steps on stage the momentum starts to build.”

Benny Hinn, “Look at somebody and tell them I have just been saved. Go and tell them I have just been saved come on.”

Bob Mckeown, “There are hymns, a sermon, saving of souls but the crux of Benny Hinn’s Christian fundamentalism is the miraculous healing that everyone knows is about to come.”

Benny Hinn, “My friend what we want is that living water, we are hungry for that blessed well.”

Bob Mckeown, “But before the miracles there is the collection of money. Justin Peters has seen it time and again,”

Justin Peters, “the implication is – is that if you are here tonight and you need a miracle from God particularly if you are severely handicapped or not have a terminal illness – you had best dig deeply because a big miracle that you need – the bigger monetary seed that you need to sow.”

Justin Peters, “We have found him of whom Moses and the Law and the Prophets wrote it is Jesus.”

Bob Mckeown, “Justin Peters is not only an academic, back home in the southern U.S. he is also an Evangelist himself and there is something else you should know about him. Justin Peters had cerebral palsy since birth in his youth he went to faith healers hoping to be healed himself and he well understands why those who are truly sick flock to see Pastor Benny.”

Justin Peters, He yields incredible power over people and I think for him it is surreal, it is real rubbish. I do think he sees himself as some type of a Messiah figure.”

Benny Hinn, “I have never felt the presence of angels as strongly in a crusade as I do right now.”

Bob Mckeown, “It happens the same way at every Benny Hinn crusade. Pastor Benny announces that God is speaking to him telling him what miracles are taking place and where.”

Benny Hinn, “A brain tumour is being healed to my right. Someone on a wheelchair has just been healed. Somebody’s are eyes being healed.”

Bob Mckeown, “As Hinn lists the diseases and disability’s being cured right there and then. People who claim to be healed start streaming toward the stage.”

Benny Hinn, “cancer cannot stand in the presence of a Holy Ghost, cancer is only a name but there is a higher name than cancer that is Jesus.”

Bob Mckeown, “What you see on TV are the lucky ones allowed on stage to share the divine power Hinn maintains is channelled through him.

Benny Hinn, “fire on you, fire on you (speaks in tongues)”

Bob Mckeown, “But what our hidden cameras show is how the Hinn ministry selects the people whose miraculous healing attempts on stage and what happens to some of them afterwards.”

Bob Mckeown, “Now how many crusades would you have been to when you worked for him?”

Andrew, “I wouldn’t be able to begin to count”

Bob Mckeown, “Dozens, hundreds?”

Andrew, “Yeah”

Bob Mckeown, “This man has seen those miracle crusades unfold from close range as a member of Pastor Benny’s security team. He agreed to talk with us if we disguised his identity we will call him Andrew.”

Bob Mckeown, “How do they pick the ones they want to go on stage at that point?”

Andrew, “There are steps they have to go through give them a quick interview and they will ask you can you, what is wrong with you? “oh I have had a rheumatoid arthritis on my left shoulder. I can’t lift it” and all of a sudden, “can you lift your shoulder? Because if you can’t lift your shoulder you can’t go on stage”

Bob Mckeown, “Andrew says most of the screeners who judge who has been healed have no medical background whatsoever.”

Benny Hinn, “Speak up Henry. Tonight for the first time she could breathe”

Bob Mckeown, “Henry Hinn is the chief gate keeper he is not a doctor either but Pastor Benny’s brother.”

Andrew, “He is one of them he is not the sole one, but he is like the main one who goes through and picks them out and brings them on stage.”

Bob Mckeown, “According to Andrew that screening system has one purpose to keep the truly sick or disabled away from Benny Hinn.

Andrew, “Those people are never allowed on stage.”

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Bob Mckeown, “At the crusade in Calgary Janice Brulet carried her daughter Grace up into the stands searching for a miracle to make her little girl walk.”

Janice, “I said you know honey we could stay up here because you know what Jesus is up here and she said, “no mummy I would like to go down and see if Benny Hinn could pray for me.” I said, “are you sure?” she said, “yes mum.”

Bob Mckeown, “So with her child in her arms Janice edged her way down and through the crowd towards the stage. Like many others it wasn’t long before they were intercepted by ministry screeners and told to sit down.”

Janice, “Grace and I moved over to the side. We sat and waited and Grace asked me if I could help her to try and walk and that was kind of her faith in action. And so I picked her up and we tried walking back and forth and that was kind of a hard moment.”

Bob Mckeown, “We caught up with them as they fled from the arena, their hopes of a miracle even a prayer from Pastor Benny now gone.”

Janice, “Like they were in such a big rush and she just wanted him to pray for her.”

Bob Mckeown, “It was the same story from a week later inToronto when theologian Justin Peters who has cerebral palsy tried to get close to Pastor Benny. Our hidden camera shows Justin being stopped by a screener, watch as Henry Hinn whispers something to her then Justin is told to step aside.”

Justin Peters, “I want people to understand the people that look like I do that have a obvious disability are never allowed up on stage. It is always somebody that has some kind of illness that can not be readily seen. If God is truly healing the sick through Benny Hinn we should expect to see amputees growing limbs, we should expect to see the severely mentally retarded restored, but we don’t. ”

Bob Mckeown, “At every Benny Hinn crusade there is a wheelchair section usually located at the rear where few miracles ever seem to go. Andrew the former Hinn security man says that the sick and disabled are routinely turned away in favour of the apparently able body.”

Andrew, “He is bringing people on stage saying they have been healed, he claims that they were healed but who has said that they have been healed themselves? And Benny says, “look they are healed how does that happen? Don’t you have to look at a medical test to say you have been healed?”

Bob Mckeown, “Actually that is a very good question and over the years Pastor Benny has had an answer for it. He has claimed that only those healings that are medically verified are broadcast on his television programme. He said that many times like this,”

Benny Hinn, “there are five stages of our follow up where we call the doctor and say, “were they sick?” and we have verified these healings.

“She had to walk up the steps”

Bob Mckeown, “So we thought we would put that miracle verification to the test. Last summer Benny Hinn held services inToronto filming the airKansas centre three times in just 24 hours declaring dozens of miraculous healings. A few weeks later the highlights of thatToronto crusade were shown around the world on his TV show.”

Benny Hinn, “Doctor Herring…”

“These are the ones you have called out with aids Pastor, H.I.V”

Benny Hinn, “my God you devil of aids come out of them in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God you come out of him, you come out, I said come out, come out.”

Bob Mckeown, “Those miracles included people he proclaimed cured of aids,”

Benny Hinn, “Feel my comfort”

Benny Hinn, “That cancer goes in Jesus name.”

Bob Mckeown, “Of cervical cancer,”

“This is Lisa you called out tonight”

of diabetes, the ministry declined to talk to us on camera so we set out to track down those healings ourselves. We were independently able to find four of the people declared miraculously healed by Benny Hinn inToronto. Remember Hinn insists all those healings are medically verified. This woman declined to talk to us of the others? It turns out the woman declared cured of cervical cancer didn’t have cancer in the first place but something called mild displaysure a change in cell structure that her doctor is monitoring. Since the crusade this woman’s diabetes actually got worse and she was hospitalised and according to her latest medical test the woman in the centre still has aids.

“Benny Hinn, “give the Lord a mighty hand.”

So what really is going on here? Is it mass deception, massive gnosis? From his research Justin Peters believes this,

Justin Peters, “it is a matter of mind over body and for a while you can make yourself believe that you are healed and you feel better for a little while until the euphoria subsides a new day dawns and the symptoms almost always reappear.”

Bob Mckeown, “In fact remember those so called miracles we told you about earlier? Well it turns out they weren’t quite what Pastor Benny said they were either. The male clinic determined that boxer Evander Holyfield never had a heart condition, he had been misdiagnosed. Little William’s eyesight is still damaged and according to his family 3 years later he hasn’t seen a penny from any ministry trust fund, and shortly after I spoke with her Belva Ventura died of cancer.”

And when Benny Hinn’s Crusade inCalgaryended Janice Brulet carried her daughter Grace back home.

Janice, “she cried and she told me she was so disappointed but at the same time I have not given up hope and I will never give up hope in believing that one day she will walk.

[Singing at Crusade] “This is my story, this is my song”

Bob Mckeown, “As you will see when we return what Benny Hinn’s ministry may lack in miracles, it more than makes up in money.”

Andrew, “He lives and does the best of everything. Money is never an object. He spends it on whatever he likes, only the best for him for Benny.”  

Bob Mckeown, “When Benny Hinn travels to his crusades around the world it is first class all the way from the phalanx of bodyguards who secure the path to his motor car, to the police escort he pays for almost everywhere he goes.”

Benny Hinn, “What is all this money good for my friend? You are not going to take it with you.”

Bob Mckeown, “To his trademark white suits, his ministries logo stitched it is said with twenty four karat gold thread custom tailored in Beverley Hills for several thousand dollars a piece. The man who once asked, “where in the scriptures does it say I have to drive a Honda?” Has Mercedes Bendz taste. In fact he owns 2 of them – this convertible and a Mercedes SUV each of which cost him over eighty thousand U.S. dollars.

If there is one thing that is certain about Benny Hinn it is that he hasn’t taken a vow of poverty. That is his house up there over my shoulder overlooking the pacific ocean on some of the most expensive residential property in the U.S., according to local building permits it has more than seven thousand square feet of living space, seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms. We have consulted real estate agents and they tell us that if that house went on the market today the selling price would be about ten million dollars, but for Pastor Benny the house deal gets better. It is an exclusive enclave in California surrounded by security guards on one side and spectacular views of the pacific ocean on the other and because this is officially registered as Hinn’s parsonage or church residence, his ministry pays for all of it including electrical bills, and property tax, and the private jet the ministry leases for him, the presidential hotel sweets, the reported seven figure salary, and a picture emerges of a self proclaimed spiritual leader with an obvious taste for material world.

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Benny Hinn, “Now you can make cheques available of course to Benny Hinn ministries.”

Bob Mckeown, “Appeals to cash are a main stay of Hinn’s ministry.”

Benny Hinn, “Put your name, your account number, your expiration date and sign.”

Woman, “Thank you Lord for strength”

Bob Mckeown, “But many Hinn loyal followers like kidney patient Geordie Gibson and Alberta reject criticism of Pastor Benny’s fundraising and spending habits. Geordie,”

Geordie, “Benny Hinn has got expenses. You know it costs money to travel, to bring the gospel of Christ around the world and he is not asking for money so he can get rich. He is asking for money so he can continue bringing the healing message of salvation across like the world.”

Benny Hinn, “Jesus is the answer”

Bob Mckeown, “and apparently millions of others feel the same way because the revenue streams pour into Benny Hinn’s ministry. At his fifty or more crusades services each year while Pastor Benny preaches on stage back stage staffers and volunteers empty collection buckets filled by his capacity crowds.”

Andrew, “It’s never a, “well that was a great crusade you saved a lot of souls, that was a great crusade God was in the house with us.” It’s that was a good crusade we made half a million dollars.”

Bob Mckeown, “Andrew saw those crusades from the inside on the security team.

Do you have any sense of how much money the average collection at crusades would be?”

Andrew, “hundreds of thousands of dollars. I believe that the most for one evening I believe the most that I am aware of was like seven hundred and eighty thousand dollars.”

Bob Mckeown, “Then there are Pastor Benny’s donors known as partners who pledge to give him at least thirty dollars every month. It is estimated he has a hundred thousand of those and the ministry sells merchandise at crusades by mail and online – Benny Hinn’s books, video tapes, Bibles.”

Andrew, “I bet he signs those autographs the Bibles, and sells them and there is a time when Benny signs thirty Bibles put his pen down and says I just made thirty thousand dollars – almost euphoric.”

Bob Mckeown, “How much does all that add up to? Well we don’t know because underU.S. tax laws the Hinn ministry is a religious organization and not obligated to make its finances public. Most majorU.S. churches and ministries release that information voluntarily not Benny Hinn’s. But there is something else to go on here 2 years ago Hinn sent out a fundraising letter in which he explained there had been a ten percent dip in donations over the past six weeks. He said he needed an extra $2.5 million dollars to make it up. Do the maths if that is true by his own calculations Benny Hinn’s ministry takes in more than two hundred million U.S. dollars a year and because it is registered as a religious organization it is all tax free. And if Hinn won’t say how much his ministry brings in neither will he reveal how all that money is spent.

What he has said over and over is this,

Benny Hinn, “what you give never goes to Benny Hinn? Never, I have never touched a cent of anything that comes in from television, anything that comes in through the crusade offerings and I what I want you to do is you send that gift and we use it in the ministry to spread the message of healing to the world.”

Bob Mckeown, “Andrew travelled with Benny Hinn on trips inNorth America and overseas.”

Andrew, “He lives and does the best of everything. Money is never an object. He spends it on whatever he likes, only the best for him for Benny.” 

Bob Mckeown, “In the past it has simply not been possible to verify if Benny Hinn is telling the truth when he says he spends every penny on God’s work that is until now. The fifth estate has obtained confidential financial records from inside the Hinn ministry. Documents provided by people who say they believe the public should know how Benny Hinn spends some of the money entrusted to him.

Man, “This is a lot of money.”

Bob Mckeown, “The documents tell a great deal about the style in which Benny Hinn likes to live.”

Roddy Allen, “The way that somebody handles their financial affairs is a real window or insight into how that person lives and manages their life.”

Roddy Allen, “This is interesting because it tells you who was on this trip.”

Bob Mckeown, “Roddy Allen is a forensic accountant with a firm of Kroll Linquist Avey. We asked him to review the ministry expense and travel records.

Roddy Allen, “He likes the high life and if this were a corporate situation and I had been retained to go through some of these expense reports because there was a suspicion of fraud or something I would be pulling these items up out for further inquiry and I would certainly want to interview him because to me it seems that above and beyond all bounds of what might be reasonable in the circumstances.

Bob Mckeown, “We focused on a trip in July 2003. Hinn had crusades inSaint Petersburg,Russia andStockholm,Sweden. Receipts show as usual he has stayed in five star hotels and consumed lavishly but what is really interesting is what happened when the crusades were over. Pastor Benny and his family, bodyguards, and ministry staff didn’t head home. Instead Hinn’s private jet took off in the opposite direction toItaly. Savoia Hotel inMilan,Italy and apparently these are charges for room 1001 and the last thing there is Joshua but that is the name that Benny Hinn checks in on David Joshua.”

Roddy Allen, “Right”

Bob Mckeown, “Hinn’s room at The Savoia in 1001 is the residential described on the website as fit for a prince perhaps the finest hotel accommodations in the world. No kidding it is the largest hotel sweet inEurope and features its own baroque and Turkish bath. The going rate more than $10,000 U.S. dollars per night. Hinn’s hotel inMilan also included just over $4,000 U.S. dollars in unspecified transportations charges, and then there were the tips $2,100 U.S. dollars in Bertrude in just 3 days including hundreds of dollars to waiters, and $1,000 to the hotel’s Front Desk Manager.

Roddy Allen, “This is the cash for Milan.” 

Bob Mckeown, “But it didn’t stop there fromItaly the Hinn entourage headed toLondon for a day. In just 24 hours here is what the ministry’s own records show what Benny Hinn spent. The party stayed at the prestigious Lanesborough Hotel where Madonna and Michael Jackson had been guests. The rate for Hinn’s rooms sweet number 210 almost four thousand U.S. dollars for one night and there were incidental charges on the hotel bill including in room tea, lunch, and Chauffeurs Services totalling about $6,000 U.S. dollars. That night Hinn took family and friends to his favourite Lebanese restaurant the bill $1,725 dollars and $67 cents. They were tips inLondon too, were there ever Gratuities there $1,000 totalled $3,100 that single day including a $1,000 dollars for The Hotel Concierge. Finally there was a stop at Harrolds department store where they paid almost $200 dollars for dusted almonds and fruit for Pastor Benny’s plane ride home. Andrew says on top of that there would be the substantial cost of the ministry staff and bodyguards who travelled with him.”

Andrew, “You easily have $35/$40,000 dollars a day in expenses that would include salaries easily, probably more than that for the ten people.”

Bob Mckeown, “It could all add up to $200,000 dollars or more for just those four days. Now obviously those records only show a slice of financial life inside the Hinn ministry but they do raise disturbing questions for a man who claims to spend every penny he raises on God’s work because we could find no legitimate business purpose for all the money spent inItaly, andLondon. No meetings, no crusades just a notation that they were on a lay-over after theSweden event. Little to justify deducting all that as an official ministry business which seems to be exactly what happened.

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Roddy Allen, “I am a mere bit kinder but it would be hard to persuade me that you had to incur that kind of expense in order to accomplish some business objective. You don’t have to stay in the best hotel in Milan, you don’t have to stay in the Lanesborough hotel in London. You might feel obliged to give the doorman some kind of tip but it doesn’t have to be the biggest tip that he got that day.”

Bob Mckeown, “And according to Roddy Allen the exorbitant use of cash maybe another unusual business practice of the Hinn ministry. The documents include dozens of petty cash chits but there is nothing petty about many of them. A chit for $5,200 dollars cash to one of Pastor Benny’s assistants – no details why. A cheque for $25,000 dollars in cash to accompany Benny Hinn on a trip toAnaheim just 30 miles from his house – no mention of what it was for. And there is cash dolled to the Hinn family in just over one month in 2003 several payments totalling $23,000 dollars to Pastor Benny and his wife – again no details as to what it was for. There was an explanation on this chit, just days before he tipped a hotel clerk $1,000 dollars. Pastor Benny gave $20 dollars to a homeless woman with the baby also apparently deducted as ministry business.”

It is possible that Benny Hinn can explain all those lavish travel expenses and all that cash but if so he is not doing it to us nor to all the people who gave all that money to him.

Bob Mckeown, “Pastor Benny Bob Mckeown we met at a crusade in Buffalo

Benny Hinn, “yes,”

Bob Mckeown, “and I didn’t have a chance to talk to you very well.”

Benny Hinn, “oh yeah”

Bob Mckeown, “When the Hinn ministry repeatedly refused our interview request we took a hidden camera to Pastor Benny’sToronto hotel.”

Bob Mckeown, “If you get your money all this money from people like the ones we saw at this crusade and the one last week in Calgary. Why will you not as many, many people like Pat Robertson and Billy Graham do release that information to prove that what you say is true?”

Benny Hinn, “Release the information about the ministry?”  

Bob Mckeown, “The financial information yours personally and the ministries.”

Benny Hinn, “Why don’t you invite me to come to CBC.”

Bob Mckeown, “We would love to, I’d be more than happy to come.”

Benny Hinn, “You have my word for it.”

Bob Mckeown, “Come tonight, come tomorrow.”

Benny Hinn, “I can’t” 

Bob Mckeown, “We can meet you…”

Bob Mckeown, “But after weeks of being told Benny Hinn didn’t want to talk to us we weren’t about to let him get away. We asked him for proof of those miracles.”

Bob Mckeown, “What we would like is medical proof that there was a condition, that condition dramatically changed and that change continued and we want access to the patient and to the doctor. I think anybody would agree that would be a basis for medical verification.”  

Benny Hinn, That’s not a problem. Look, I have done interviews with HBO. I’ve done interviews with CNN. I have no problem doing it with CBC.”

Bob Mckeown, “I have not seen any medical evidence in any of those interviews you have given that support the existence of even a single miracle.”

Benny Hinn, “Well, I that’s one thing I believe and one thing you don’t.”

Bob Mckeown, “Now I know that you believe it but you also say you only put on television miracle healings which have been medically verified and proved. That is all we all we want do, see the basis on what you say that.

Benny Hinn, “We have done all that we can do as a ministry to open a department to have people checked.”

Bob Mckeown, “You remember a little boy named William in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. You made him a star, you setup a trust fund for him, you were going to put him through university. He was supposedly cured of blindness is, he is not cured of blindness and his family says that they had a heck of a time even getting in touch with the ministry, let alone a follow up with him.

Benny Hinn, “When he comes up on the platform I’m only able to know what happens because they tell me so.”

Bob Mckeown, “But that is the point that they don’t know and neither do you. If I may say sir you make a great deal of money on the basis of what you say.”

Benny Hinn, “Well, let’s talk on camera. I’ll answer your questions there’s no problem with it.”

Bob Mckeown, “Well actually we have been on camera. Sir you should know that.”

Benny Hinn, “Alright.”

Bob Mckeown, Sir if you have more to say we would love to sit down with you and chat on a hidden camera.

Benny Hinn, “I’m sorry you had me on camera when I’m so tired.” 

 “Bob Mckeown, “Well soon afterwards Benny Hinn and his entourage bid us good night.”

Benny Hinn, “I’ll call you. I promise to call.”

Bob Mckeown, “As the promise to call – he didn’t.

Back in Alberta Geordie Gibson did attend Hinn’s Calgarycrusade last summer as an usher. When we visited 2 months later he was still waiting for his miracle. Still resisting his doctor’s advice to get a new kidney.”

Justin Peters, “I want to walk off this stage and just drop my crutches and be completely whole. That would be a pretty incredible miracle.”

Bob Mckeown, “And back home in the U.S. Justin Peters is still preaching the Word of God and coping with his cerebral palsy. They are both true believers with very different views about Benny Hinn.”

Justin Peters, “I have often wondered if Benny Hinn knows he is a fake or if he is just so self-deluded I am not sure. I think initially in his ministry I think he may have begun with honourable intentions but he has become intoxicated by the money, he has become intoxicated by the power.”

 Geordie, “Benny has just yielded to his life to Christ to following Christ and God has blessed him, he has given him gifts, grace, and to do to bring his message of healing.”

Bob Mckeown, “In the end what you think about all this may come down not to what you believe but who? The last word goes to Pastor Benny,

Benny Hinn, “Look in my eyes, come give me a close shot will you and look at these eyes. I have never lied to you, never I never will. I would rather die than lie to God’s people.”


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