NBC Dateline Expose False Prophet Benny Hinn

NBC Dateline Expose False Prophet Benny Hinn (Transcript of youtube video)

On a 2 hour dateline Sunday he claims he can cure the sick. Critics say the only miracle maybe the millions he is making.

“It is time to begin telling the truth.”

Pastor Benny Hinn calling down miracles and raising millions he says, “for God’s work.” But what happens to people who believe that they were healed? And what happens to some of those donations, ministry documents, and inside sources tell us about shopping sprees, private jets, and luxurious living? And what does Pastor Benny Hinn say?

“Why will you not audit and publicly release your finances?”

But Hinn refuses to make his financial information public. He has said that every dollar given to his ministry goes to the work of the Lord be that as it may Benny Hinn does manage to live very well. His home is this mansion overlooking the pacific ocean built and paid for by his ministry. According to building records it has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and more than seven thousand square feet of living space. The ministry told us the mansion was its parsonage and a good investment according to area realtors today it is worth about ten million dollars and when Hinn goes to crusades around the world he travels in his private jet. According to documents we obtained the ministry pays more than a hundred and twelve thousand dollars a month to use the plane and closer to home Pastor Benny still travels in style. This photo obtained Dateline shows Hinn getting out of a Mercedes SUV and here he is driving a Mercedes Convertible. Both cars retail for about eighty thousand dollars.

We have received new information from deep inside the Hinn organization and others have come forward to tell us that we only scratch the surface when it comes to Benny Hinn his money, and his miracles. Listen to what this former Hinn insider says, “there was never one complete record that would suit the criteria for a documented miracle healing and that troubled me deeply. To me this was a fraud and deception being put across to people that are his donors,” and something else came our way since our first report. Hundreds of pages of ministry expense documents. A look at these documents shows that while he is on ministry business Hinn stays in luxury hotel rooms.

At this crusade in Milwaukee the documents indicate Benny Hinn occupied a presidential sweet at The Fista hotel. The hotel told us the room cost $990 dollars a night at a crusade in Panama the documents show and we verified with the intercom rental hotel that Hinn was in the royal sweet, the published rate $1,700 per night.

At a crusade in Montreal we verified Pastor Benny was ensconced in the royal sweet of the St. James Hotel. The regular rate there $2,700 a night, the room is as big as a average house, twenty two hundred square feet including a makeup room, dressing room, and a piano that plays by itself.

And we found some other trips that seem to have little to do with spreading the Word of God. This member of Hinn security team who we will call Steve and his appearance and voice with disguise says he travelled with Pastor Benny and personally escorted him on shopping excursions. According to Steve and other ministry sources Hinn is a regular at Beverley Hills Clothing Store like Versace, Louis Vuitton, and Bijam where Hinn’s name is on the window along with Princes and heads of State. But there are questions raised by some of the purchases we found in those expense documents. For example in just over four weeks in 2003 we found six separate charges at high end clothing stores totalling more than $6,000 dollars all charged at high end clothing stores totalling more than $6,000 dollars all charged on the ministries corporate card.

The ministry told us that every single trip made by Pastor Benny is approved by his executive board. But we were intrigued by what appeared to be stops made by Pastor Benny at resorts and spars around the world on his way to and from crusades. The ministry called these stops, “lay-over’s.” Now for most of us travellers a lay-over means long waiting hours waiting for a connection in an unfamiliar airport, maybe an overnight stay at a low rent hotel. But remember Pastor Benny travels in the ministries private jet and sets his own schedule. So consider Benny Hinn’s version of a lay-over. On his way home to California from this crusade in Columbia the documents show and the hotel confirmed for us Pastor Benny stopped at this resort in Cancun, Mexico. He stayed in the presidential sweet there that cost the ministry $2,684 dollars for one night. The trip was described as a lay-over.

After crusades in Russia, and Sweden in July of 2003 Pastor Benny apparently didn’t get on his private jet fly west and go home, instead he flew from Sweden south to Italy, then back north to England with an entourage that included his son, his daughter, and her fiancé. There were expensive meals like this one for more than $900 dollars in Italy, and one at this Lebanese restaurant in London for more than $1,700 dollars. And check out these hotel bills in Italy transportation charges of more than $6,000 dollars, in London another $6,000 dollars for incidentals such as Chauffeurs Services, and In-Room Tea, the documents also list tips in 3 days more than $4,500 dollars including a thousand dollars to a concierge another $1,000 dollars to a Desk Manager.

And then there were Pastor Benny’s hotel rooms in London documents show Hinn stayed at the exclusive Lansborough hotel. The hotel confirmed for a sweet / Room No: 210 and told us that they never discount rooms. The going rate the hotel says more than $3,000 dollars a night, and then there was Pastor Benny’s hotel room in Malan according to the expense documents room 1001. The hotel confirmed it is the presidential sweet. The hotel website says, “the room is fit for a prince and the largest hotel sweet in Europe among its 5,400 square feet – 3 bedrooms, a Formal Dining Room, a Fireplace, a Jacuzzi, a Sauna, a Turkish Bath, a Large Terrace with a panoramic view of the city, and a 100 foot long swimming pool decorated with marble and frescos. The hotel told us, “this room rents for more than $10,000 dollars a night – no discounts.” In its email to us the ministry said that Hinn uses a private jet for security reasons and that it is often necessary to make lay-over’s to refuel his plane, and for the pilots to rest.

Not surprisingly Hinn critic Lee Anthony has a different view, “it is just a lifestyle he believes he deserves it. His board of directors says, “it is okay” so what are you going to do?” and when they rationalise it by saying after all he is the head of a hundred million dollar a year organization. Lee Anthony, “it has nothing to do with it, you are called to be a servant, a bondservant of Christ not to live like a King.”    

And according to the documents we obtained and ministry insiders there is also a great deal of cash going out. According to these receipts in 2003 much of it apparently went to Benny Hinn and his family members. This petty cash sheet $1,300 dollars to Hinn’s daughter Jessica – no reason given, and this one $2,550 dollars to her fiancé for watching Joshua Pastor’s Benny’s son. According to the expense documents in just over a month in 2003 more than $23,000 dollars of ministry cash was dispensed to Pastor Benny and his wife who is also a ministry employee. And we found this record showing $25,000 in cash dispersed to accompany Pastor Benny and for a crusade in Anaheim, California just 30 miles from his house.

Lee Anthony, “It is not just Pastor Benny it is all of these big ministries. They start believing they are special and all of that ministry money is their piggy bank.”

This is how Pastor Benny explained to his followers when he declined to speak to us for our first report. Benny Hinn, “you may have a question by the way on why I didn’t go on that programme very simple the Lord said, “don’t.”

 So we approached Pastor Benny after a crusade in Toronto and we recorded the encounter with a hidden camera, Correspondent: “why will you not audit and publically release your finances? Hinn: “Well, I’ll gladly sit – – sit with you and talk to you about it.” Correspondent: “Well, we’ve talked about this before and you have not gladly sat. Sir, I have been asking you for an interview for three years.”

And I am still waiting and through it all Pastor Benny maintains that he has truth and God on his side,                                                                                            Benny Hinn, “look at these eyes I have never lied to you – never – I never will. I would rather die than lie to God’s people.”

And what would Christian watchdog Lee Anthony like to say to Benny, “your ministry is based on lies and it is time to begin telling the truth because you are going to have to meet your maker soon.”      

[End of video]      

Check out the video on youtube                                                                                > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSxqFE_hmcE


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