Newfrontiers Vision & Values | 2d. The Final Authority of Scripture: Influential Preachers | By Terry Virgo & Simon Virgo

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2d. The Final Authority of Scripture

Influential preachers

‘A church where regular teaching and preaching of the Bible holds a primary a role where Scripture’s authority is final.’

Simon Virgo, “who would you say are some of your greatest influences as a preacher.”

Terry Virgo, “well I think that old my pastor as I have probably said probably taught me more even subconsciously when I never believed. I wouldn’t be a preacher I just learned so much. I think I was so blessed by listening to Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones several times week in and week out I was in London. Again a man obviously of the Word but also a man of the Spirit and certainly one learned from him the value of working through a book. So I mean he took years working through Romans, working through Ephesians and my pastor used not so much do that, he would often follow a character and that he made the characters live which I appreciated. But I felt that Lloyd Jones working through working through say Ephesians you just take phrase upon phrase and he would back up and then come through again, say some more back up go through again and so you are really getting a grasp of a whole book and it is all having its impact on you, so that was hugely influential.”

Simon Virgo, “what about some more contemporary preachers, anyone’s that you enjoy listening to nowadays.”

Terry Virgo, “I listen on tape to Mark Driscoll. I am fascinated by his mind. I have been listening recently to a series he has done on Luke and he has just got so much background information which I find fascinating, it engages me, but he has got a huge passion to bring about a response to Jesus and so I benefited listening to him. I listen to Tim Keller again just an extraordinary preacher and like not a word is wasted. He preaches not quite so long but I think that every word is chosen it seems to me. I like listening to John Piper I have enjoyed enormously hearing him preach. So yeah I listen quite a lot mostly on my ipod. I don’t get much chance to go. I heard Don Carson when I was at New Word Alive last year and the year before and again just his, again the man’s breadth I found so stirring and to be honest the preaching was so magnificent that you could almost settle for church for great preaching which I don’t want to settle for because there is so much more in church, but I felt I could see hey the preaching is so great. I understand where there is very great preaching but you could settle for church being less than it is meant to be. People are fascinated by things they have never heard before fresh insights, relevance and preachers are fascinating aren’t they? I always felt that David Pawson was never dramatic, he used to stand pretty still and his voice tone didn’t change a great deal. But he always had fascinating insights, he was always so interesting to listen to – he got fresh thoughts, amazing illustrations so your mind was engaged and it is important to engage people’s minds. I think, “well I am learning things this is interesting.” I think humour helps not to overplay it but I think people will appreciate humour they feel engaged with.”

Simon Virgo, “I remember you saying CJ Mahaney he once said to you many years ago when he first started listening to you as a preacher and he said to you, “you preach the Bible” and I remember you thinking, “well what do you mean by that, what else is there to preach? What do you think he was getting at?”

Terry Virgo, “I think he had been a preacher at that time of topical subjects and when I said what I did to him, he said, “oh no I get it all from the Bible” but he had never heard an expository preacher before which seems almost impossible now because CJ would be one of the best expository preachers I know today, he is just magnificent but in those early days decades ago that was a first exposure he had to someone working through a text or working through a story that wasn’t the style theirs would be much more drawing illustrations making a point, moving on looking for application. He was always a great preacher.”            

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Check out the video:
Newfrontiers Vision & Values
2d. The Final Authority of Scripture: Influential preachers
by Terry Virgo and Simon Virgo


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