Newfrontiers Vision & Values | 2c. The Final Authority of Scripture: The Centrality of Preaching | By Terry Virgo & Simon Virgo

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The Final Authority of Scripture

2c. The centrality of preaching

>> The authority of scripture part 1

>> The authority of scripture part 2

>> The centrality of preaching

>> Influential preachers

>> Developing preaching part 1

>> Developing preaching part 2

‘A church where regular teaching and preaching of the Bible holds a primary a role where Scripture’s authority is final.’

Simon Virgo, “So preaching you have underlined how important it is and really I think often times people settle for quite poor preaching, preachers can settle for quite poor preparation and sometimes preach quite poorly and sometimes people’s expectations of preaching can be very low because of what they have learnt to expect week by week. How do you think a preacher can develop and improve as a preacher, what are the kinds of things that have helped you to grow as a preacher?”

Terry Virgo, “I think for me probably one of the most helpful things was that when I became a Christian then I started going to a nearby Baptist church where the preacher was just superb and so probably one of the best to ways to learn preaching is listening to a good preacher. I mean there are very helpful books on preaching which obviously I would encourage people to read like Dr. Lloyd Jones Preaching and Preachers and others that can really help you. But I think that listening to good preaching is very formative and for me I notice that the preacher that again I think probably helped me than anybody in all honesty over the years. He used to speak to the heart, you knew you were being spoken to and in my praying before I preach I am asking God, “Lord please let people feel that their Father in heaven is speaking to them. Let them feel God is speaking to them.” I was so blessed the other day when a lady spoke to me after the meeting she said, “I just felt like God was speaking to me” and I thought wow that is just I prayed this morning that people would really feel the nearness of God, the sense of God addressing them in their hearts and not just learning an explanation of some verses or even very well explained but they are really hearing God speak to them in their heart. Now that means you have got to be true to the Bible, you have got to give true weight to what the scripture says and really be thorough “a workman that needs not to be ashamed rightly handling the Word of truth as Paul says to Timothy (2 Timothy 2:15).

2 Timothy 2:15 (ESV – English Standard Version)

15Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. 

You have to work at it and so you want to be clear. I think you need if you can to subdivide a sermon. I think just commenting on verses as you go. So I think to have some shape, have some drama, calling for a decision, calling for a response I think is one of the things I often have to say, have you done application? I will write on my notes apply. Because I think I am not very good at application. I can love truth, I can love setting out truth but I am often challenged and inspired by preachers that really are almost aggressive with application. I think that is a weakness in my own preaching and I admire people who can do that. Now it has got to come from exposition first. You don’t it is not all exhortation, “come on do more try harder.”

Simon Virgo, “So would you say that there is a danger that preachers can exhort too much and not teach enough or teach too much and not exhort enough?”

Terry Virgo, “I think getting the balance is hugely important. What you are looking for is response that is rooted in truth and so I think that exhortation without information is just driving people, “come on try harder, do this” oh do I have to? “yeah do more” and to me that isn’t really biblical preaching. So there has got to be light and revelation “I see,” they see something maybe that haven’t seen before as a result of which hey there is application you can do things that are in the light of what you have just learned. And I think bringing people to a decision in that even as they sit there.

Jonathan Edwards said, “preaching is for now, preaching is not for notebooks and to be put on the shelf to be meditated on later,” He said “it is an event and at the moment of impact that is when the thing can happen.”

And I have always prayed for that, looked for that. I am looking for something to happen and so when I am preparing I am trying to think, “what is the point of this? What does God want from this? What are we looking for in terms of engagement here?” Because we want to change the flock and the way that people get changed I think apart from all the other things through preaching is engagement, God has suddenly spoken – he can change my life. And so we are looking for something to take place. It is a dynamic event and sometimes it is comforting obviously it is reassuring people during seasons of heartache and it is just speaking of God’s tenderness, God’s mercy and again we looking for engagement. Are they drinking in God’s kindness and mercy right now? And so you are wanting to feed them in the midst of their pain and difficulty. So it is by no means merely explaining verses, we are looking for the help of the Spirit.”

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Check out the video:
Newfrontiers Vision & Values 2c. The Final Authority of Scripture: The centrality of preaching
by Terry Virgo and Simon Virgo


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