Newfrontiers Vision & Values | 2b. The Authority of Scripture – part 2 | By Terry Virgo & Simon Virgo

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The Final Authority of Scripture

2b. The authority of scripture part 2

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>> The authority of Scripture part 2

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>> Developing preaching part 2

‘A church where regular teaching and preaching of the Bible holds a primary a role where Scripture’s authority is final.’

Simon Virgo, “I remember hearing John Stott preach at Westminster Chapel on the five paradoxes of preaching and the one that I thought was perhaps most striking was when he said, “preaching is both authoritative and tentative” and he said that, “the clearer Scripture is the more authoritative we can be and where there is any lack of clarity where we are not quite sure exactly how to interpret Scripture that is where we need to be a little more tentative in what we say,”  and it is interesting to notice that in the church today often people get completely the other way around but people get very authoritative on issues where actually it is not you know always clear and become much more tentative on issues where they should be much clearer.”

Terry Virgo, “Yeah that is excellent.”

Simon Virgo, “So would you, what kind of areas do you think we can speak with most confidence, most authority in preaching?”

Terry Virgo, “I think it is hugely important to present God in his person and character, to present Jesus without any disguise as it were – we need the authentic Jesus. We need to be very clear and so when there are issues about who he is – the fact that he is God and man we need to be very clear about issues associated with God, the Trinity, these unchanging realities about God and even those can be undermined by people who say, “well of course he wasn’t really God. You must not you know people have attributed things to him,” no these are fundamental. The resurrection people would say, “well he didn’t actually rise from the dead. You know his teaching lives on surely it is kind of the Spirit of who he was that lives on,” and we say, “no he actually physically rose from the dead.” And so once one has nailed things like the resurrection other things fall into place because that is an amazing miracle, it is an amazing demonstration of God in our present day and age and so it is vital for us to hold on to big issues like how you become a Christian, who God is? And there are huge themes that there is no room for any kind of debate about. Certainly there will be some things that are more open to question and as you say tentative are appropriate and I think it is for us to humble ourselves we don’t want to come across in an authoritarian way over things that maybe less clear. But the major issues we stand by the Bible and most Christian issues they are clear, very clear indeed so we are not going to be tentative with them.”

Simon Virgo, “Could you give us some more examples of issues where we must be authoritative and hold the line at issues where we can’t compromise?”

Terry Virgo, “Sometimes the issue depends where the battle is raging at the moment. So that for instance in The Reformation there were issues about what happens in the breaking of bread, well that was a massive massive issue at the time and God is looking for faithfulness in owning what the Bible says and sometimes battle grounds move on and so the battle starts raging over something else so where battles are fought can change from one season to another and so some people could say, “well that is secondary.” So that for instance being filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and so on, it is possible for people to say, “oh well that is very peripheral, that is very secondary we don’t need to argue about that, let’s not bother with that,” but to be honest when it comes a time – no the church needs empowering, the church needs the energy of the Holy Spirit” and so I am not really free to say, “well that is marginal we won’t talk about that, that is peripheral, let’s only talk about the main things.” For me it becomes a main thing if God is actually pouring out his Holy Spirit, and someone says, “no that isn’t God,” then I need to biblically defend that truth and stand on the Word of God. It has become central because the battle is raging there and I give full weight of Scripture and I have to argue from a biblical position why I believe these things and stay biblical all the time.”

Simon Virgo, “So would you say that you are as it were an Evangelical first and then Charismatic or would you say that it was your experience of the Holy Spirit. Some people would say you know they would argue from having not experienced the Holy Spirit that it is no longer relevant in the same way that it was in the first century.”

Terry Virgo, “I would say that I am an Evangelical first and I would say that I am a Charismatic because I am an Evangelical because I believe that is what the Bible teaches and if I didn’t believe that is what the Bible teaches, if I thought, “well that is not important it is just experience this” I could never approach it that way. I believe that this is holy biblical and if it could be demonstrated to me that, that it is not biblical I would have to rethink and review because to me the Bible is the final word.”

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Check out the video:
Newfrontiers Vision & Values
2b. The authority of Scripture – part 2
by Terry Virgo and Simon Virgo


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