Newfrontiers Vision & Values | 2a. The Authority of Scripture | part 1 – Terry Virgo & Simon Virgo

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The Final Authority of Scripture

2a. The authority of scripture part 1

>> The authority of Scripture part 1

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>> The centrality of preaching

>> Influential preachers

>> Developing preaching part 1

>> Developing preaching part 2

‘A church where regular teaching and preaching of the Bible holds a primary a role where Scripture’s authority is final.’

Simon Virgo, “you believe in the importance of preaching and the centrality of preaching in church life, where did that conviction originate, where did that come from?”

Terry Virgo, “I think really the Word of God itself makes it clear that God speaks and when God speaks it is creative, it is powerful, it is authoritative, and even in the book of Acts one of the ways in which it describes the growth of the church is it says that, “the Word of the Lord grew and multiplied.” So God’s voice, God speaking is absolutely fundamental to who we are together and so we can have all sorts of detail about communion, fellowshipping, being together as friends but if we relax in such a way that we have lost the weight and authority of Scripture we will drift off into something that is very friendly and pally but not going anywhere and so the importance of biblical truth its final authority is absolutely fundamental to us.”

Simon Virgo, “So the church isn’t to be merely a pastorally comfortable community but a community with a prophetic voice. I suppose you could say.”

Terry Virgo, “I think it is important that we are submitting our lives to what God has said – all that we are as a response to what God has said. The Bible starts with God spoke, God said and then light comes and life comes, and the church is God’s creation, and that comes to birth through his Word. So we can’t improve upon hearing the Word of God. I know that we live in a day when people want to play down the place of preaching. They say people are not constantly hearing one voice. They suggest debate, they suggest drama, all kinds of ways to communicate but to be honest the reality of the preached Word with the power of the Holy Spirit has a unique skill to penetrate people’s hearts and probably even in earlier days when sometimes people say, “well people were used to people preaching in earlier generations,” not always the case. If you read about Wesley, you read about Miners coming out of the mines listening to him preach and just captivated. It is not that they were always used to a preacher – it is the authority of the Spirit on the preached Word that makes it relevant whatever the day in which it is being done.”

Simon Virgo, “In terms of the New Testament as well because we have talked about God speaking, “let there be light etc.” Do you see preaching as being central in the New Testament church?”

Terry Virgo, “I think when we began a little house churches and house church was popular there was some who said, “early believers did not carry around a big black Bible under their arm, the Holy Spirit was present, just live from your Spirit. We don’t need to give so much time to the Bible it is kind of religious” but the reality is that the early church, “devoted themselves to the apostles teaching” and Paul says, “I taught you day and night publically and from house church to house church.” He was always preaching I mean he preached so long a guy fell out the window. You know he just carried on and when they raised him from the dead it says, “he preached on until the morning.” So the place of preaching and articulating who they were now in Christ. The thing is you need to know truth in order to be free, you need to know truth to know what is the church, what is the church of God? You don’t know without preaching and these days very often you can hear social comment on the radio, “the church should be saying this, what should the churches view should be?” Almost as thought the world can tell the church what she should be. Whereas the Bible it is the other way around, it is that the Word of God is authoritatively taught and we adjust ourselves to what the Word of God says, and preaching is not just telling the story, it should be with powerful impact so that good preaching brings people to decisions, choices, it is an event, it is a moment. When you hear good preaching your life is affected, you make changes. So preaching shouldn’t be dull, it should be relevant, it should be full of truth, it should have application that I know what I am to do view of these things. The preaching of the Word when you are listening drinking in what is being said is hugely relevant whatever the generation.”

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Check out the video:                                                                                   2a. The authority of scripture – part 1.                                             By Terry Virgo & Simon Virgo                                                               >


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