Newfrontiers Vision & Values | 1c.Building churches that are evangelistically relevant |Evangelistic – Terry Virgo & Simon Virgo

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1. Building churches that are evangelistically relevant

c) Evangelistic

>> Relational

>> Relevant

>> Evangelism

‘A gospel-preaching church that is loving, righteous in its lifestyle, involved in world mission and reaching the unsaved in its community by both public and personal activity.’

Simon Virgo, “So would you say that the church that you first went to was more preoccupied with personal piety than public evangelism?”

Terry Virgo, “I think evangelism was in the background in all honesty it wasn’t a big priority. For ourselves to be honest we were so preoccupied in the early days to try and get church right that we almost forgotten there were unsaved people outside and although I would say initially one of my motivations was to be relevant to my generation we almost forgot my generation because we were so come on lets get this church more like the Bible and God spoke to us quite strongly, actually it was a prophecy about how God said to Israel it is too small a thing to restore Israel you a light to the nations, and that word really woke us up and we began to become much more outward looking and I would say we pressed on with that and I think more and more churches now are looking to be evangelistically relevant we are looking for growth, we are looking to plant more churches. So I would say evangelism has become a major preoccupation.”

Simon Virgo, “alright”

Terry Virgo, “Things like Alpha for instance.”

Simon Virgo, “and I suppose that is really a part of the story in the church. So if you want to build a build a church that is faithful to the biblical model then evangelism is going to be at the core of it.”

Terry Virgo, “Yeah that is a very good point. I think that in the early days Jesus said go and make disciples and what they did was plant churches but their goal was to disciple the nations and so evangelism has to become part. In fact it is ever so healthy for us to have an outward perspective but obviously our whole calling is to win the nations for Jesus.”

Simon Virgo, “and would you say that is typical of church life or do you say that often in church life conversion and world mission tend to be polls apart.”

Terry Virgo, “I think they really can be and I feel so much that it is the ethos of the local church that develops the individual Christian. What I mean is that some people would say, “if you don’t preach the gospel perfectly including all the essential ingredients you won’t get a healthy convert.” Now I would say you can get a healthy convert when he picks up a fragment of a tract and looks at it he looks he says wow the way people get saved is amazing. They say I saw a gospel verse on the side of a bus or something you can get saved.”

Simon Virgo, “CJ Mahaney said that and he said and someone said to him, “Jesus is the light” and he got saved.”

Terry Virgo, “Yeah so you can get saved by a fragment of truth. But the way you become mature isn’t the ideal way in which you came in it is what is the atmosphere of this community? And so when the Bible says be truthful and you mingle with people and you realise hey they are not very truthful. I heard him say that there and that there so you pick up.”

Simon Virgo, “You pick up the standards of the community.”

Terry Virgo, “Yeah that is how disciples are made and I think that we must work on the church all the time at the same time as working on evangelism that what you get added to will affect who you become, and the first phrase for conversion in Acts 2 is ‘they were added,’ it doesn’t say, ‘they were converted’ it says, ‘they were added’ so you are added to an ethos. You are added to a community where things really matter.”

Simon Virgo, “Do you think each and every local church should expecting to see people saved on a regular basis?”

Terry Virgo, “Yeah it must be so and I think that it is interesting that a church can be pleading with God for someone to be saved and you can get used to that. I remember years ago when at a prayer meeting at the beginning of the year one of our men came forward and said, “lets believe God for one person to be saved every month this year and it seemed huge at the time and then last Sunday no-one responded to the gospel and it was said that is the first Sunday we have had for months where no-one was saved. Now that represents quite a swing and we prayed and worked and prayed and worked and now we have got used to a certain number getting saved and I think that would be wonderful if that number was 20, 30, 40 but if we include the gospel every week and somehow learn to express the gospel in clearer terms. We have been so helped by reading people like Keller and listening to him. Yeah I think we must learn more and more to present the gospel in whatever we are preaching so that every week people will think hey I will bring my friend along.”

Simon Virgo, “and I suppose at the same time you are equipping all the people in the church to know and understand and communicate the gospel better as well.”

Terry Virgo, “I think there was a time when because we were not doing that it might be true that people in our congregation hadn’t quite remembered how you present the gospel but as you say if they are hearing it week in, week out you can affect the whole culture of the church evangelistically.”

[End of video]

Check out the video:
1c. Building churches that are evangelistically relevant: Evangelistic
by Terry Virgo and Simon Virgo


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